May 2006
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'No V8? Why Drive?'

Note:  We still need people to contribute tech articles and feature vehicles.

Contents Page - Spring 2006

On the Cover - Rudy (SharperTouch) and Timmy Arnold are shown at the 2006 Spring Round-Up in Wellsville Ohio.
Special Events

Spring Round-Up 2006.  Coverage of the TRS Spring Round-Up in Wellsville Ohio  Story by Jim Oaks
Technical Articles

Chevy Leaf Spring Swap. JackedRanger shows us how to swap in Chevy Leaf Springs in place of the stock Ranger (RBV) springs for more lift.
Bombproofing Your Dana 35 Axles.  4x4Junkie shows us how to upgrade the front u-joint clips to full circle snaprings.
4.0 Clutch Swap.  No V8? Why Drive? shows us how to upgrade to a 4.0 clutch in your 2.9 engine/transmission.
Cheap Camo Paint.  We show you how some of our forum users have found success using spary can camo paint jobs.
Product Review
Slow Blinkers? BentWrench discusses upgrading with Kalecoauto synthetic blinker fluid.
Featured Vehicles

Not All There Racing.  Jim Oaks talks to Aaron Matthew-"Air" for short, President of Uconn Off-Road and the owner/driver of Not All There Racing about the 1995 Ford Ranger he races.