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Submitted by: PlumCrazy

I got out my NAPA filter book and looked up the stock Ranger filter (4.0 and 2.0/2.3/2.5 use the same filter as the 7.5, 5.4 and many other Ford motors)

The stock Ranger filter is a 1515 (Napa #) and it is 3.6" around and 5.35" long with 3/4-16 threads. The O ring is inboard and has a 2.834 ID.

I ended up finding a filter with the same thread, diameter, and O ring, but its 6.982" long. The NAPA # is 1773. (the Purolater was L400017) I also found a 1333 is a little bigger around (3.7") and 6.982" long, but it is valved different it was 30psi where as the 1773 and 1515 are 8-10 psi.

The stock filter holds around .625 t.750 of a qt. The 1773 holds 1.25-1.50 qts. So in the end you end up with 1/2 qt more capacity. This filter would work on the 2.0/2.3/2.5 but you would have to put a 90* adapter in because it would be too long to fit in there.

Here are a few pics. It is still tucked up high enough to be protected.





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