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The Ranger Station was created in 1999 as an online resource for the owners of:

  • Ford Ranger

  • Ford Bronco II

  • Ford Explorer

  • Mazda B-Series

It features:

The Ranger Station has been listed numerous times in magazines as an article resource.

The Ranger Station built a Ford Ranger called 'Project Transformer' as a feature vehicle for Offroad Adventures Magazine. It appeared as a 6-part feature article.

The Ranger Station also hosts trail rides for its off-road enthusiasts.


The Ranger Station receives a large volume of daily traffic. Below is a breakdown of the monthly statistics:

2010 Statistics
Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2010 183,478 350,218 4,021,847 23006,374 203.51 GB
Feb 2010 174,200 331,270 4,282,157 22,243,658 199.45 GB
Mar 2010 196,952 372,016 4,659,570 25,172,732 226.06 GB
Apr 2010 184,286 342,733 4,101,094 22,438,591 204.81 GB
May 2010 183,784 338,735 4,029,325 21,697,456 194.16 GB
Jun 2010 180,185 326,656 3,762,631 20,401,639 175.51 GB
Jul 2010 184,349 338,625 4,336,105 22,305,299 186.86 GB
Aug 2010 195,411 362,237 4,497,459 23,366,540 195.48 GB
Sep 2010 193,937 373,088 4,631,353 23,328,496 198.56 GB
Oct 2010 202,855 400,828 5,021,292 24,534,140 212.71 GB
Nov 2010 202,996 407,889 4,905,009 24,275,736 214.78 GB
Dec 2010 199,610 380,591 4,708,956 24,505,656 213.15 GB
Total 2,282,043 4324886 52,956,798 277,276,317 2425.03 GB


The Ranger Station offers advertising in it's forums for approved vendors.

Class I Vendor:

We often find people wanting to sell commercially in our forums. Members are permitted to sell their personal belongings for free, but anyone reselling items for profit must be a vendor.

A Class I Vendor membership allows a member to advertise and sell their products in the forum for (1)-year. The Class I Vendor can also sell their products in the Vendor's forum found HERE:


The yearly fee is $75.00 and can be purchased in the form of a subscription.

In order to subscribe to be a Class I Vendor, you must first register for the forum HERE:


Once you're registered as a member, you can purchase the Class I Vendor subscription HERE:


Once you have paid your subscription, you can immediately start advertising your products in the classifieds or Vendors forum.

Class II Vendor:

A Class II Vendor membership allows vendors to place a banner ad (up to 468x80) at the top right of the forum (see below):

It also provides the Vendor with their own vendor forum to advertise their products (see below):

A Class II Vendor membership is not purchased in the form of a subscription. Instead, the vendor provides The Ranger Station with an item or gift certificate with a value of at least $125.00 that we may give away during our Premium Member giveaways.

In order to become a Class II Vendor, you must first register for the forum HERE:


Once you have registered, you can contact the forum Administrator by either Personal Message (PM) or email at admin@therangerstation.com.


If you have any further questions, feel free to email Jim Oaks at admin@therangerstation.com.



The Ranger Station

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