View Full Version : Difference in Ranger generations

08-06-2007, 11:28 PM
Gen 1: 83-88....First Rangers made. These are the ones with the square headlamps recessed into the grill.

Gen 2: 89-92....2nt Rangers. Front end changed. New fenders, hood, grill, headlamps and bumper, different wiring. new dash and other interior upgrades. These are the square looking rangers.

Gen 3: 93-97....First major overhaul since introduction in 83. Theses are the first Rangers with the rounded front end. There was an interior redesign in 95, the front brakes went to a 2 piston setup, and the grill changed, nothing major changed in these years.

Gen 4: 98-00....This was the year the ranger lost its great TTB front end in favor of the torsion setup in the 4wd Models and A arm setup is the 2wd's. These trucks has new front ends, cabs that were 3" longer, completely new front end suspension and new tail lights.

Gen 5: 01-03....New headlamps and header panel, bumper replaces, tail lights changed.

Gen 6: 04+....New bumper, grill and hood. Interior redone with better seats and new gauges. No major mechanical changes.

05-13-2009, 08:01 AM
'95 also saw the update from eec-IV to eec-V. Just thought I'd throw that out, even though it should be common knowledge...