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10-16-2010, 01:38 PM
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hello have ranger 1997 / 2wd 4.0. bought 1998 5r55e so i was told.
have problem
# 1 output shaft speed sensor above dtr ( newtral start switch) is on trans but dk blue/yellow and gry/red wire for this sensor are not on harness.

#2 wires grey/blk and pnk/orange vss(speedo) wires are on harness but not on trans.
The result
speedo dont work no shift

hooked grey/blk and pnk/orng wires to oss magnetic sensor above dtr

the results
speedometer way off 160 kms when 30 kms and shift problems like trans is limp

hooked gry/blk and pnk/ orng to differential sensor (abs sensor 1997 and earlier on differential ) ,put the truck in gear and instantly 160 kms om speedo and truck shuts off.
my question.
where and how do i pick up a vss signal. when i have wiring for one sensor thats not there and a sensor that i dont have wiring for.
can i install a vss out of a 1998 and later and run abs and vss together off one sensor in the rear differential or do i just take a crap in it and push the thing off a cliff. getting pretty frustrating. also how do i post pics on here. i now have tons of complete schematics for 1996/1997/2001/ ranger/explorer.body/engine/grounds/trans/pinouts/etc... and pics of 5r55e 4r55e m50d drawings with sensor locations etc... to help other people in need. or is it illegal to do so? and also have pics of my truck id like to post .. schematics are now in pdf.
please help me? or the truck gets it

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10-16-2010, 04:44 PM
any body here to help me yet?

10-17-2010, 11:02 AM
Things happen kinda slow on this forum some times lol sorry its taking so long. I know afew people have done swaps like this so im sure there there is info out there to help you. I have a 5r55e from a 97 explorer and will be putting it in a 98 ranger 2.5. I have been told that the parking safty switch needs to be changed and i also was told somthing about the speeedo might not work. Im still trying to do some research but ill be doing my swap soon so any thing you find out on here would be a help to me and others im sure.

Viper Command
10-17-2010, 01:20 PM
If your truck came with a 4r55e the computer and wiring is not compatable with the 5r55e. see if you can get the computer and the trans pig tail.

on the 5r55e case it has 2 hall effect sensors for shaft speed and the computer calculates your speed.

on you new tailshaft housing there should be a plug (freeze plug) if you remove the housing you could remove the plug and cover off the shaft and put a speedo drive gear on it and use your vss from your old trans and put it were the plug is at and tap the threads for the hold down. But doing this would be the same as having a 4r55e in there.

but at least you could drive it untill you get the computer and pig tail for it.

BTW sorry I would have helped you sooner but im still moving.

10-17-2010, 11:01 PM
thanks so much for your help! Im working on the ultimate swap. took a 87 ranger replaced everything to make it obd2. picked up a 1997 standard truck with 50,000 kms on motor, i liked the interior of the 97/ and love the bodystyle of the 87. sold everything off it and kept what i needed. and hunted around for the trans, and other places for the wiring and ecm, used some stuff off the 87 / rad , trans cooler. this truck is pretty much almost done . so you say if i replace the tail housing there should be a gear in the 1998 trans to put a sensor in. but it will run like the 4r55e because the oss sensor wont be plugged in, cool dont matter to me, just want to drive it. been waiting 2 years. its my wannabe cant have a chick magnet cause im married. i got the complete wiring harness and ecm for both i think. 5r55e has plug to dtr 11 pins and 4r55e has 6 or 8 pins? i forget. both wire harnesses to the trans has only one plug for the speedo vss, and no oss or ods sensor. dtr 6 pin on one and 11 pin on the other. i have both dtrs too. have ecm for 1996 6 or 8 pin to dtr and 1997 ranger 11 pin to dtr. i have the tail housing with the speedometer hole from the old 87 a4ld looks like that will match up
so ill try that tomorrow. when i get my truck going i have most of my notes from the swap and will post here.
as for mr freelife04239 from what i heard about the 1998 to 2001 rangers speedos it was moved. runs off the rear abs in the differential not from the tranny, so i think you are safe there.
and i assume you have the 4r44e. used in 2.3 and 3.0 rangers and 95 and 96 explorer rwd 4.0. your bell housing on the 98 ranger matches a 3.0 motor. but doesnt match up with the 4.0 5r55e you bought from the 98 explorer. think you have to swap bell housing/torque converter/maybe the pump gear and get an alignment tool.but dont quote me on the pump gear/ swap the dtr(newtral safety switch) with the 4r44e and use the wire harness from the 4r44e old trans. think it matches up. put or keep the old speed sensor in the 5r55e tailshaft just to plug hole with no wires to it. and keep your existing ecm you are using now.

Viper Command
10-18-2010, 01:00 AM
You can use your a4ld tail housing, but you also need the gear off your a4ld tail shaft to drive your vss.

10-18-2010, 12:21 PM
Thanks jtanderson im going to remember your for future questions. You seem to know your stuff. It took me like 3 weeks to get about the same reply you just gave me in a day. Its funny how they say the 4.0 tranny is a noncompatable item but it almost bolts right in and is ready to go. My next goal is to get a full shift tune on the tranny do you know any thing about that?

10-19-2010, 08:28 PM
freeforlife04239 what do you mean by a shift tune? aparently a few ways to go. if its to make the 5455e shift nicer, i read awhile ago that you can take off the oil pan, there you will see a torx screw that can be adjusted, they say you give that sucker a quarter turn to bump up the line pressure the shift is better. another option is read the link below for the
Apten performance chip.


if its the shift kit. never did it but since you have the 5r55e and i think with my inexperience of shift kits it requires replacing springs and do dads etc. i cant help you with that but if you have an idea of whats involved in it, and want to know everything about your trans heres the atsg service manual all on the 5r55e trans. even if its not what you are looking for now, never know when youll need this! hope it helps. good luck!


10-21-2010, 06:00 PM
ok changed tail housing. put new speedo on and ran gray/ black and pink/ orange wires shifts good now. just have to put everything else back together cause of the wire testing. for anybody else who cuts the plug and tries to run off the other sensor DONT DO IT! speedo wont work when fuse 10 is plugged in. and with fuse 10 unplugged or cruise control spedometer gets different signal and will read 160 kms backing out of the driveway. and your tranny will be in limp mode. shifting wierd in crappy slow tranny mode. if you cut and loose the original plug. when you replace plug. gray/black wire when sensor is plugged in is right side ( towards back of vehichle) and gray/orange is left side towards front.
i now beat etest, its not a hybrid but its still new 1987 ranger ext cab obd2. updated dash, seats,all body wiring, ceiling, trim,
1997 4.0 (50.000 kms) exhaust, abs, airbags, heater/blower, rebuilt 5r55e trans, 4r55e engine and trans wiring from 3.0 ( some minor modifications, change plug on crankshaft sensor, extend few wires to reach sensors,) better to find 4.0 though , cruise control, rabs system, original gastank, shortened fuel pump to work, 3 inch lift, on front, 6 on back..

some pointers and tips
cut out old firewall and replace with the obd2, for heater box, ac unit,
use brand new heater core while dash is already out,
mark all wiring on both sides of plugs,
you have to custom make your own brake lines or get adapters because new master cylinder is metric fittings, and 1992 and earlier vehichles were made imperial,
same with power steering, but i guess you can use your old pump,
2.9 ypipe is same as 4.0, but 1997 ranger has 3 oxygen sensors so take exhaust. 1987 i think has 1.
2.9 drive shaft keep from the 2.9 a4ld,
keep rad, trans clloer,
you have to move battery carriage to other side.
make hole and fabricate something for breather tube to fit in.
seat belts are different. 1997 adjustable, 1987 not.
you have to custom make and weld something behind door posts to bolt seat belt adjusting brackets to, or cut obd2 door post out and weld it in 1987. dont pot rivit dont think it will save you in an accident.
re position dome light,
a4ld trans and 5r55e has a different shift linkage, one has hole for rod and other has stem for cable, you cut off the stem, drill out hole and run the rod tthrough it to keep floor shifter. same tailhousing.,
1997 ranger rear tail lights are a 3 bulb system 1987 ranger is 2 bulb, what i did was got a trailer wiring harness, chopped and spliced it to be able to use my tail lights, signals and brake lights, the only problem i see with that is when you have your 4 ways on, and step on the brakes, they are in the same circuit so brake lights still flash as 4ways.
also your trim inside the cab the plugs are in different places to click it in so you have to drill some spots for the plastic rivits and other spots, you have to custom make some metal fittings built out with holes so rivits can plug in.
door skins i used out of a 1992 (1997 door skin cant put on door because different size. that were same colour. still havent figured ac but if i can use the evaporator from a 1987 that was made for r12 freon and connect it to the remaining system thats supposed to have r134a than im laughing.
i found this project nervracking,but very exciting to see the end result. if you have no patience and throw tools and smash things when angry, i would suggest you dont do it. ill never do it again. im not usually like that but i did do it quite a few times. while yelling at the truck treatening the junkyard. and had to do a few extra repairs because of it.
also in order to learn anything about both years i bought a obd 2 ranger took it apart and sold everything i wouldnt need.
visually inspected how everything came off. i was suprised i actually made money. and then used that to buy an obd1 ranger to strip and sell too. needed to know everything possible to be able to do swaps. all measurements from all angles to see if it would even work.
thanks to all that helped :icon_cheers: