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A group where us Electricians can talk about electricity and all things related to it!
7 0 0 0
Car club for all Blacked out rides
7 0 0 1
A group for all those RBV owners who happen to pick up a guitar, bass, violin, harmonica, bag pipes or any other noise maker from time to time, and those who never put them down.
6 1 2 0
10:59 PM
group based in northern California for offroad onroad and anyone who love their truck
6 0 0 0
In this day and age, who ever stops to help anyone on the roadside? I DO. Blue Max was an east coast eighteen wheeler driver in the seventies who stopped HIS RIG to help hundreds of people before he retired, when people asked who he was - he just gave his C/B handle and drove on... Never asked for a thin dime. He told the ones he helped to "Pass it on"
5 1 1 0
02:46 PM
group for people who have been wheelin at yankee lake truck night.
5 0 0 0
for any ranger bronco mazda or others that have nothing stock
5 0 0 0
A group for those who work night shift to discuss what they do (or don't like about it) as well as anything else you want to talk about. Join the discussion!
4 0 0 0
Hoping to unite all RBV owners together for four wheelin trips truck shows and or put some cruises together
4 1 1 0
06:09 PM
We like em dirty, and we hit holes so hard we **** shit up.
3 0 0 0
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