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For those of you who (may like HID's) but hate having people blind you with them. Let Us Flick on our Intense Filiment Bulbs in Protest and retaliation!
27 2 8 10
09:01 PM
Hey guys & gals, We're a big state, and don't have too many get togethers because we have bad communication and people are too spread out. This is to help communicate between everyone, and hopefully we can hang out more often. Let me know how I can improve any of this. Also, get other Rangers to join here as well (street, offroad, daily, work trucks, etc), so we can finally have a solid base.
20 3 6 11
02:59 PM
Here we have the ultimate in irony: The Social Group for those who eschew social groups. All you have to be is a non-Facebook/myspace user, and be willing to join a social group... whose sole purpose is to show you don't join social groups. Let's go!
15 4 6 0
08:25 PM
Any RBV's based south of the Mason / Dixson!
18 3 6 0
04:47 PM
Ralph Hunt fan group
1 1 5 0
12:49 AM
For those who know their 4x4 will engage when they need it.
71 1 5 32
01:02 AM
For all the Ranger owners in Iowa
9 1 4 0
03:36 PM
This group is for those members that prepare to survival natural and man-made disasters.
9 2 3 0
08:54 PM
All the RBV's in the Pacific North West!
38 3 3 2
08:53 AM
Anyone from California who owns a Ranger, Mazda B-Series, BroncoII, or Explorer
21 2 2 0
10:24 PM
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