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Originally Posted by 4x4b2 View Post
o and by the way nice b2 , and i also have another question, will a instrument panel with a tack plug into the connector that goes to one without a tac and work? i know its kinda dumb, but ive wondered that since i got it
nothing will be plug and play, but wiring a tach is very simple. mine is a sunpro, like 3in or so. you can buy them from 30 bucks up i think. check craigslist locally for good prices on used stuff.

the mechanical tach is what you want, they will have just a few wires, power and ground and stuff, the only tricky one goes to a wire on your coil (i think thats the term), if you follow the center spark plug wire from your distributor, it goes to this part, there is a small (4 wire?) connector, and the tach splices in there. i didn't know exactly when i did mine so you can find out what i did by searching my name (spdcrazy) on here and you'll find a post about a sunpro tach install.
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Either way its confused"
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