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Misc Electrical & Gauges Post your speedometer, gauges, interior and non audio/video questions here.

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Old 04-29-2008, 10:57 PM   #1
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Location: York, PA
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Vehicle Year: 1995
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Question So I've searched; Wipers Quit Working

And I know it's been head before, but I'm at a total loss... [Be prepared for a wall o'text, sorry]

A bit of history, this is my first post here, My name's Ryou, and I'm 22. I have come into posession of a 1995 Ford Ranger from my work, and even though they pay the insurance, and gas, I'm kind of responsible for repairs (If I expect to have my truck, and not let it sit at a shop for weeks on end).

Onto the fun bit. Since I've been given the ranger (afterwards referred to as the Danger Ranger, more on that in another thread) I've noticed one major flaw: The wipers don't work. AT ALL. I've tried replacing the MF switch, the wiper motor, and checked both the hi/lo and wipe/wash relay, and the fuses in the interior panel. If I remove the relays and manually cross the wires, the motor kicks right up and runs, so it's fine (as is the internal transmission) And the MF switch works fine too, except the wipers. [Still] So, I'm down to one last option: I've pulled schematics from Mitchell (thank you work freebies XD) And notice the wipers run through the GEM (Generic Electronic Module) and then onto the motor itself. My biggest question is, has ANYONE ever had a GEM module replaced? Where is it located? Am I missing something else?

I'm honestly at a loss on this one, because after working with a local contact at Ford, those are the only three items in that circuit: MF switch, GEM Module, and Wiper Motor.

Short of me losing my truck for a few weeks to a Dealer for tracing, anyone have any advice? (Oh, and I already rigged a DPST toggle switch for now, so I at least have high/low and park...god I hate NE weather :( )

Sorry for the long post, and any answers are extremely appreciated!

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Old 05-23-2008, 10:27 PM   #2
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Do the relays click when you turn the switch? What about if you apply voltage directly to the relay's solenoid coil?
If all the wires all trace back OK to the module (and the relay checks good), I wouldn't be surprised that it's the module. Unfortunately that module I believe is buried way up under the dash, so a quick swap-out will be pretty involved.

'95 in particular was not the best year for electronic stuff, although even the later trucks weren't a whole lot better.

Anyway, hope you get it figured out, and welcome to the forum (Sorry I didn't see your post sooner, it should've gone in the Electrical forum).
'90 Bronco II XLT
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Old 05-24-2008, 10:11 AM   #3
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: York, PA
Posts: 2
Vehicle Year: 1995
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Ranger [Base]
I use this vehicle for: Work
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Ryou is on a distinguished road
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It's funny you ask about the Relay coils. At first I thought they were bad, but after swapping them to other positions, they worked fine. So, for now I actually went MacGyver on it. I bought a few switches, and a length of 6 conductor wire, and made it work myself. I now have washers (momentary pushbutton), hi/lo (on-off-on), and a separate switch for park (single throw). It's not the most user friendly setup, but it's better than nothing.

I have narrowed it down to that module, however I can't find it myself, even after pretty much dissembling the truck for two days. Oh well, one day I may get bored enough and do something to it :P

Thanks for the reply though, it was worth me having a second look anyways!
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Old 04-14-2009, 04:30 PM   #4
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Vehicle Year: 95
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Ranger, long bed 5spd
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Default Wipers not working - finally fixed!

I read all the various entries on Wiper issues to find the source of my problem - and I finally got my wipers working - thanks to all that supplied comments on the various questions posed.
My '95 Ranger 5spd long bed a few weeks ago had intermittent wipers. Then they stopped working altogether. Absolutely nothing, no intermittent, no lo, no hi. The washer pump did work, so did turn signals. The first thing - checked the fuse - #16, 30 amp was good, put it back in. No wipers yet. Went back to owner's guide - it showed 2 relays under the hood - "wiper hi/lo" and "wiper run". Swapped them around - no luck. Swapped with horn relay, since same size - horn was working, so the relay was good, but still no luck. the other relays did work when put in the horn slot.
So went to these forums and suggestions.
-Battery cables - corroded, but was only able to get the neg grnd off and cleaned. The positive, cleaned as best I could with baking soda, but still can't remove. Checked other grounds wires leading from the battery, all appeared to be good condition and tight (except for a couple of mud dauber nests - buggers will build the nests everywhere). Found the info on cleaning the switch - yeah lots of grease in there, wiped it a bit, looked good - reassembled, but no help - however i think this may be the culprit for many other wiper problems. Then I remembered someone said that even though a fuse may "look good", try swapping it out with another - and presto! the darn thing is working again. Swapped it with the 30amp lighter - not sure if that's working - guess i have to plug in my cell phone to verify, since i don't have the lighter plug. So besides getting the wipers to work and not having to worry about driving in the rain again like the past weekend, taxes are done and refund on the way - now its time!
again, thanks for all your inputs
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