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Default Driveshaft Vibrations

Hey all,

I was looking for alitttle bit of gudiance on this issue. Acouple weeks ago i narrowed my problem down. My driveshaft has internal splines on on the back end of the shaft. Then there is a short piece with external splines that is connected to the rear pig by ujoints and four 12mm bolts. The splines our worn and there is def some slack between internal/external splines. I took this apart and greased the hell out of the internal splines with some super heavy grease. The grease was like tar. I put it back together and it seemed to work for about 3000 miles. The vibrations went away. Now its back and is driving me nuts. The vibration is only there when u push the clutch in to coast or lift off the gas while on the highway. My question is, do they make a single solid shaft for for a 1994 ford ranger 2.3 4x4 single cab 5 speed. If so where can i find one. Thanks for all your help in advance.
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