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Angry Truck loses power while driving

What would cause the engine to lose power when I'm driving.When I punch it,there is a slight hesitation and then it picks up and does it all over again.I've replaced the IAC,plugs,intank fuel pump and filter.Would the fuel pressure regulator cause it and if so wheres it at,I'm also thinking maybe the framerail mounted pump and also what is the assembly next to it,it's round and sits horizontily.This shit is getting annoying,would the egr have anything to do with it?Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Have you checked out your ignition module? I had some problems with my truck dying while driving and then not always restarting right away and a new module fixed that. you might want to check into that. Also you might try gettin a computer diagnostic and see if any codes pop up.
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Check codes and fuel pressure.

A plugged cat could also cause the lack of power and it would happen all of a sudden. Just run the motor at idle until warm and look at the car, they will usually glow orange or red hot if they are blocked.
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All good suggestions.

when was the last time you had it tuned up? air filter???

you MIGHT have 2 fuel filters....1in a plastic canister just ahead of the fuel tank & 1 inline metal filter just after the frame rail FP...also on the frame rail. Usually in 87 they only had 1....but a few say they had 2 yet.

Have taken any fuel pressure readings??
pull the little vacuum line off the FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator)....if you have a dribble of fuel out of it... then yes.... it is shot.

check the all vacuum ports on the upper intake...to make sure they are not crusted over with carbon.
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