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Cool Catalytic Converter Removal

Removing the catalytic converter(s) is illegal. Regardless of the emissions laws in your particular state, it is against Federal law. The Ranger Station does not endorse or recommend removing the catalytic converter. Threads or posts advising removal of the catalytic converter may be locked or removed.

1. It is against the law.
2. The engine computer is set up to run with the cat, so if you remove it you may get a CEL, code, whatever, and that can mess up other things that the computer controls.
3. The only way it may be even remotely legal to remove it would be on an off-road-only vehicle that is never driven on public roads.
4. If you want it loud, it is perfectly okay to remove the muffler and resonator (if so equipped) and run a straight pipe behind the catalytic converter.
5. There are legal high-flow cats available.
6. Frankly, modern catalytic converters aren't very restrictive anyway due to gas mileage concerns.
'08 Sport Trac, custom 2.5" single exhaust with Flowmaster DBX muffler, K&N, Firestone Destination A/T's, Truxxx 2.5"/1.5" strut lift.

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