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Old 04-06-2010, 04:37 PM   #1
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Default 2.9 timing chain replacement.

i think im going to have to replace my timing chain and gears and after thumbing through the chilton manual it says i need to remove the oil pan. is there any way to remover the oil pan without lifting the motor or can it be done with the pan on? i do have new motor mounts to put in some day but i was really hoping to avoid it.
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can be done with the pan on, ive done it more than once. its pretty much self explanatory, youll see when you get into it. the reason they say to pull the pan is because to get the cover off over the crank you need it to move straight toward the front of the truck. there's 2 studs that go through the pan and into the cover though, so you have to lift it up to get the studs out of the pan. you just have to kinda angle it and get it to all slide apart at the same time. the biggest thing to remember though is to use loc-tite and properly torque the bolt that holds the cam sprocket on, and do the same for the bolt that holds on the harmonic balancer. if you dont, youll be doing it again.
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Take this for what its worth. I have 86 ranger (project) ran good but but low oil pressure when warmed up. its been overhauled a while ago. but i dont think they replaced the timing chain tensioner or guide. Cause in my adventure to fix problem i found half of the chain tensioner in bottom of oil pan, with the associated plastic bits in the oil intake screen.Now i am betting this is the problem with the oil pressure (VS replacing oil pump) course now that it is warming back up i will start to put back together with fingers crossed.

I havent had it running long enough nor done compression test to know if this is all worth while. Using rockauto.com. definately saved some $$
I agree with kunar.
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