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We have compiled a list of terms and abbreviations that are commonly found on this website and placed them here for newcomers to read to better understand the topics discussed here.

RBV (Ranger Based Vehicle) Generations:


  • Generation 1 - 1983-1988 (First Rangers made. These are the ones with the square headlamps recessed into the grill)

  • Generation 2 - 1989-1992 (New fenders, hood, grill, headlamps and bumper, different wiring. New dash and other interior upgrades)

  • Generation 3 - 1993-1997 (Theses are the first Rangers with the rounded front end. There was an interior redesign in 1995)

  • Generation 4 - 1998-Up (New front suspension. Torsion setup in the 4wd Models and A arm setup is the 2wd's. New front ends)

Bronco II

  • Generation 1 - 1984-1988 (Generation 1 Ranger based)

  • Generation 2 - 1989-1990 (Generation 2 Ranger based)


  • Generation 1 - 1991-1994 (Generation 2 Ranger based)

  • Generation 2 - 1994-1997 (switched to SLA IFS that Rangers didn't get until Generation 4, gained 5.0L and AWD options)

  • Generation 2.5 - 1998-2001 (minor exterior changes, option packages reworked)

  • Generation 3 - 2002-Present (4W IFS, total departure from Ranger platform, dropped 5.0 for 4.6 modular)

Explorer Sport

  • Generation 3 - 2001-2003 (branched off the Generation 2 Explorer with a new body design shared with Sport Trac, last of Ford's 2 door SUVs)

  • Explorer Sport Trac

    • Generation 1 - 2001-Present (basically a crew cab Ranger, but shared styling with Generation 3 Explorer Sport, nearly identical in size to supercab Generation 4 Rangers)


    • Generation 1 - 1997 (nothing but a rebadged Explorer)

    • Generation 1.5 - 1998-2001 (slightly more exterior changes than Explorer)

    • Generation 2 - 2002-Present (same changes as Explorer, front end changed to imitate Escalade)


    • Generation 1 - 1991-1994 (clone of Generation 1 Explorer Sport)


    • Generation 3 - 1994-1997 (first year of RBV B-Series, Navajo-style grille, clone of Generation 3 Ranger)

    • Generation 4 - 1998-Present (clone of Generation 4 Ranger)


    • B2 - Bronco II

    • BII - Bronco II

    • BTW - By The Way

    • EB - Early Bronco (1966 - 1977) or Eddie Bauer

    • FUBAR - F--ked Up Beyond All Recognition

    • GVWR gross vehicle weight rating

    • GCWR gross combined weight rating

    • HTH - Hope this helps

    • IFS - Independent Front Suspension

    • IIRC - If I Remember (Recall) Correctly

    • IMO - In My Opinion

    • LOL - Laugh Out Loud

    • PITA - Pain In The Ass

    • POS - Piece Of Shit

    • RBV - Ranger Based Vehicle

    • ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing

    • ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

    • RTI - Ramp Travel Index

    • SAS - Solid Axle Swap

    • SLA - Short/Long Arm

    • TIB - Twin I Beam

    • TTB - Twin Traction Beam

    • BFH= Big F---ing Hammer

    • FWIW = For What It's Worth

    • WTF? - What The F--k

    Common Engine Terms:

    • FPR - fuel pressure regulator

    • MAP - manifold absolute pressure (sensor)

    • MAF - mass air flow (sensor)

    • TPS - throttle position sensor

    • TFI - Thick Film INTEGRATED (not Ignition)

    • HEGO or O2 - (heated exhaust gas) oxygen (sensor)

    • ACT - air charge temperature (sensor)

    • CTS - coolant temperature sensor

    • EGR - exhaust gas recirculation (valve)

    • IAC - Idle air control (bypass valve)

    • CANP - (charcoal) canister purge (valve)

    • EEC - evaporative emission control (charcoal canister and related components)

    • PCM - powertrain control module (computer)

    • CEL - check engine light (old)

    • MIL - malfunction indicator lamp (modern -- not all malfunctions are in the engine)

    • DTC - diagnostic test code

    • KOEO - key on/engine off

    • KOER - key on/engine running

    • SPOUT - spark output (a wire that can be disabled by removing a connector on TFI-IV equipped engines)

    • FRP - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

    • FTP - Fuel Tank Pressure

    • EVMV - Electronic Vapor Management Valve (modern version of the CANP)

    • VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor

    • GEM - Generic Electronic Module

    • FMEM - Failure Mode Effects Management

    • KAM - Keep Alive Memory

    • EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

    • CFI - Central Fuel Injection

    • SEFI - Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

    • EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

    • EVR - Electronic Vacuum Regulator (regulates vacuum to the EGR)

    • EVP - EGR Valve Position

    • DPFE - Delta Pressure Feeback EGR

    • TBI - throttle body injection

    • ECU / ECM - engine control unit / module

    • VSS - vehicle speed sensor

    • MSDS - material safety data sheet

    • EMA = engine manufacturers association

    • VI - viscosity index

    • ABS - antilock brake system

    • AFR - air fuel ratio

    • TDC / BDC - top / bottom dead center

    • DIS - distributorless ignition system

    • EEC - evaporative emission control

    • EGO sensor - Exhaust gas oxygen sensor

    • MPFI - multi point fuel injection


    Ricer = Object. (Est.-1990's?) A vehicle, usually of Japanese origin, front wheel drive drivetrain, engine displacement under 2 liters, in an inline configuration of 4 cylinders with weak horsepower & torque figures. But in extreme cases can be subjected to turbo charging and nitrous injection in an attempt to make vehicle faster. Other vehicle aspects are but not limited to: a round, chromed, straight-thru muffler with a chromed tip several inches bigger than the intermediate tailpipe. Sound is identical to a coffee can filled with bees or a hair comb covered with wax paper played like a harmonica. A wing mounted on the rear deck or trunk resembling an erector set. Some with multi wings to create more downforce to slow the vehicle down. Stickers on any part of the vehicle I.E. doors, fenders. Most common being "type R", "NOS", "APC" and various old english script.
    Headlights that give off a bluish color to simulate HID systems. Fog lights with identical light patterns. A body kit made of fiberglass or plastic that gives the vehicle more of a streamlined look and to aid in handling such as a high speed flyby after losing a race. An onboard audio/video system that can exceed the value of the car, with multiple amps, tv monitors, and various video gaming systems. A wheel & tire configuration with oversized chrome rims & low profile Z-rated tires to aid in high speed cornering in shopping mall parking lots.

    "1-Link" Referring to a suspension with (1) solid arm that locates the axle either in a 'U' or 'V' shape and comes together at one point on the frame with a ball style joint that allows the arm/axle to pivot from (1) point.

    "3-Link"  Referring to a suspension where the axle is located with (2) arms that run forward to the frame with a third bar that locates the axle from side to side.

    "4-Link" Referring to a suspension where the axle is located with (4) links that run forward to the frame to locate the axle.

    "Lincoln Locker" Referring to welded spider gears Ersatz (German word for "imitation") Locke, though in truth it's actually a crude (but effective) "Mini-spool".  It's called "Lincoln" not after the car, but rather than the Lincoln brand of Welding machines (The commonest welders)

    "T-L" refers to the Factory Limited slip differential - Trac-Lok.  Sometimes specifically referred to (when discussing 7.5" rear axles) as the "S-spring" Limited slip to separate it from the earlier POS (See above) that used conical clutches (Aka: Auburn)

    "Torsen" refers to the Gleeson-Torsen (old name) or Zexel-Torsen (Current name) Worm gear type limited slip diff (essentially copied by the Detroit "True-Trac")

    "R1" refers to the Mazda built "M5OD-R1" transmission introduced in 1988 and is the ONLY manual trans used in rangers from 1993-on (and from 1988-1992 only 2.9 engines could be equipped with the "other" manual transmission)

    "R2" refers to the Mazda built M5OD-R2 (which shares NO significant parts with the "R1") that was used in 4.9liter and 5.0liter F-150 and Full size Bronco's from 1988-1996.  The R2 was also continued from 1997-current with V6 engines and 4.6 liter V8 powered F-150's

    "T-K" refers to the Toyo-Koygo 4sp and 5sp manual transmissions used in Rangers and Bronco2's from 1983-1987




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