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The WilderNest is similar to a traditional camper shell found on the bed of many pickups, but it actually has a tent concealed in the roof that opens up.

When the lid flips open, it doubles as the floor for the sleeping platform.

(Shown with the tailgate curtain to keep the bugs out)

Truck Type Model Year
Truck Width
Truck Length
Tent Top Model Number Tip Top Model Number Installation Adjustment Required
Ford Ranger Longbed 1983-1992 60-3/4" 86-1/2" 87 T87 None
Ford Ranger Shortbed 1983-1992 60-3/4" 74-1/2" 76 T76 Rear Door Wedge & Non Bend Door
Ford Ranger Supercab 1986-1992 60-3/4" 74-1/2" 76 T76 Rear Door Wedge & Non Bend Door

WilderNest lists the bed as coming with a 3-inch foam mattress that is 42" x 74-1/2" and sleeps (2).

For more details, or to compare specifications for other vehicles, check out either the sales brochure or owners manual below:


Here is a WilderNest brochure and owners manual for you to view. Just click on the images.

The Wildernest is no longer in production, but you can still find them used.

For discussions on camping with your Ford Ranger, check out our Truck Camping & Camping Gear Forum.




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