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Contributed By: Drew Coffey

Complete vehicle rehab and recondition photos, info, instructions, prices, and results.

Painted the door handle surrounds, center cup holder console, & the door lock knob surrounds. Scuffed up the surfaces with 320 wet/dry paper, washed them thoroughly, and sprayed 2 coats of primer. Then I added 3 coats of matched Dupli-Color paint, and 3 coats of Dupli-color clear. Only made one mistake, but they all turned out great in the end! I was also tired to the plastic on plastic squeaks to I added a coat of undercoat compound to the backside for some cushion & sound deadening. Make sure to tape off the front first!

Finished Product

Difficulty (1-10) : 4

Total Cost : $27.00
Paint (3 cans), Sand Paper, Primer (3 cans), Tape, Clear coat (3 cans), Undercoating






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