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If you're looking to restore a truck or looking for replacement parts, LMC is probably the first place you should look. Not only do they carry replacement body panels, but they also have weather stripping, trim panels and more.

Here are some suppliers of replacement sheet metal for the Rangers and Bronco II's:

LMC Truck (800-562-8782)


Auto Body Parts Online (888-727-8780)

Auto Parts Warehouse (800-913-6119)

Certifit (801-977-0078)

Discount Body Parts (888-348-5511)

JCWhitney (800-603-4383)

Mill Supply at rustrepair.com (800-888-5072)

National Auto Body (800-214-7222)

Parts Train (888-251-1214)

Raybuck (800-334-0230) 





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