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Ford Ranger Torsion Bar / Key Removal & Installation

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Part Number Description
5B326 Torsion Bar
5B328 Adjuster (key)
5B329 / HB1 Nut / Adjusting Screw
5B335 Isolator

To Remove:

1)  Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.

2)  Remove the torsion bar cover plate.

NOTE: Before relieving the torsion bar tension, measure and record the measurement of the torsion bar adjustment bolt. This measurement will be used as the preset depth for the new torsion bar adjustment bolt during installation.

3)  Relieve the torsion bar tension. 

A)  Position the Torsion Bar Tool and adapters. 

B)  Tighten the Torsion Bar Tool until the torsion bar adjuster lifts off the adjustment bolt.

CAUTION: The torsion bar adjustment bolt is coated with dry adhesive; and must be replaced if it is backed off or removed. Failure to do so can cause the adjustment bolt to loosen during operation and cause a loss of vehicle alignment.

C)  Remove the torsion bar adjustment bolt and nut.

D)  Loosen the Torsion Bar Tool until the tension is removed from the torsion bar.

4)  Mark the torsion bar and the adjuster for proper installation.

5)  Remove the torsion bar insulator.

6)  Grasp the torsion bar, and pull it free from the front suspension lower arm.


To Install:

1)  Position the torsion bar and the torsion bar adjuster.

2)  Align the marks on the torsion bar and the torsion bar adjuster, then install the torsion bar adjuster.

3)  Position the torsion bar insulator.

4)  Install the Torsion Bar Tool and the adapters.

5)  Tighten the Torsion Bar Tool until the new adjustment bolt and nut can be installed.

6 Turn the adjustment bolt until the preliminary adjustment measurement (recorded length of the old adjustment bolt) is reached.

7)  Install the torsion bar cover plate. Torque the bolts to 46 ft. lbs. (63Nm).

8)  If equipped with air suspension, reactivate the system by turning on the air suspension switch.

9)  Lower the vehicle.

10)  Adjust the ride height.

11)  Check the alignment.




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