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Solid Axle Swap Spring Comparisons

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This page has been created for those of you wanting to do a front solid axle swap (SAS) and trying to figure out what front springs to use.

All these axles are either Dana 30, 44 or 60. We didn't go in to detail on the build since our only goal is to show height comparisons.

- Front Coil Springs -

This 1993 Ford Ranger belongs to forum member Brendank69. It uses a Cage Off-Road Solid Axle Swap Radius Arm kit, Ballistic Fabrication coil mounts, BC Bronco 5.5-Inch early Bronco coil springs, Skyjacker 6-inch Ranger rear springs, Belltech extended shackles, 3-inch body lift, and 38.5" tires.

This 1997 Ford Ranger belongs to forum member wahlstrom1. It uses 7-inch Skyjacker early Bronco front coils, 5.5-inch Chevy rear leafs, Belltech 6400 shackles, and 35" BFG Krawlers.

- Front Leaf Springs -

This Ranger belongs to forum member DieselSmoke.  As you can see, the truck is a rolling chassis and far from finished. It's shown here on 36" tires so it can be moved during the build. The front uses 6-inch lift Chevy leaf springs. Rear springs are 63-inch Chevy springs as well. Truck has a 3-inch body lift. 

This Ranger belongs to forum member JunkYardRanger. It uses 6-inch Chevy springs in the front. The rears are from a 1977 Ford F-250. The Ranger also has a 3-inch body lift and 38" tires.

This 1993 Ford Ranger belongs to forum member sabor6. It uses 4-inch ProComp YJ leaf springs in front, F-150 leaf springs in back with a 4-inch block. Tires are 38x15.50x15 TSL Radials.

We could use some other examples, especially on the 1998 and newer Rangers.

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