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Byron McMahon Ranger#1

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Forum Member Ranger #1 took three years building the truck you see here.

His goal was to build a stealthy truck. A truck that would handle great in the desert, but wouldn't be covered in stickers and scream 'desert truck'. He did all the fabrication on this truck keeping it low, but built something that would handle great.

To achieve the suspension travel he wanted, he extended the Dana 35 TTB beams 2-1/2 inches on each side. It didn't require a longer axle shaft on the driver side, but the wider beams made the passenger side intermediate shaft 5-inches to short. This is resolved by using the passenger side intermediate shaft from a Dana 44 TTB. The Dana 44 shaft is 5-inches longer than the Dana 35 shaft, which is why people extend the beams 2-1/2 inches.

The beams were plated and trussed for strength and used with custom built radius arms.

The rear axle is a Ford 8.8-inch with 31-spline shafts and disc brakes.

The front and rear suspension uses King coilover shocks with engine and bed cages.

The whole thing moves from a 4.0L V6 and automatic transmission.

The headlights were converted to DDM 6000K HID's. The Hella 700's were converted to HID as well.






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