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07-25-2008, 01:02 PM
after a lot of time wasted with the Holley 350 2 barrel the stock carb is working amazingly well on my rebuilt 2.8. I have great low end throttle responce which should help get up the drive way this winter, and she runs down the highway smooth as can be. I'm undecided about using the stock or round, highflow airfilter but she seems to run the same either way so I'll probably go back to the stock filter since it has the stock intake that gets fresh air from the front grill. Maybe once I get the speedo working I can test both for the best fuel milage.

I still need to pull the transfer case to fix the speedo, replace the exhaust, shocks, and tires before winter and the windshield (although I'm temped to see how long I can get away with the cracked 1) I should also go to the 190 thermos-stat since the 180 I'm running barely gets into the normal on temp gauge. Again, before winter.

I moved the thermos-stat to the top of the block by having the aluminum housing machined. $35 at a local machine shop

I also took the pinto Coil and made it work with the Ranger plug wires.
I took the old distributer cap and broke off one of the nipples. Then took that to the grinder and ground it to fit tightly into the top of the coil. There is enough metal at the base to tightly fit the metal socket in the coil. Added some epoxy and electric tape and, walla. Done.

Thanks for all the help along the way.
More questions to come I'm sure. Al