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    Ford vs Ferrari

    Lee Iaccoca is both my favorite andone of my most hated car designers. I can't stand most of the things he got built, but the one thing he never got done I am in love with the idea. His first pitch of the minivan concept was to FMC, it would have been the size of an Aerostar and had a 460 as...
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    Another project- ‘06 escape

    Yes it will. It is called a parameter reset and it's in the PATS menu behind the 10 minute security access. How do you think we do this when a PATS involved module has to be replaced in the field? On vehicles built after 2010 it doesn't work anymore because most modules like the pcm, I and BCM...
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    wiring connector tool

    I like a 45* pick.
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    85 ranger high beam issue

    I need to do this soon. I put Sylvania ZXEs in and my last three dimmer switches have died from heat.
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    motor cycle jack for transmission jack

    Flat Earth Cruiser?
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    Fuel tank

    It might help if you spell the name correctly. Its AllanD. Two As, no space. The incorrect spelling you are using will complicate your search.
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    Fuse box diagrams

    I can get a few of them. They are not the same between 1st and 2nd gen. I've run into this in my swaps.
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    Single Flared Brake Line

    It's not straight copper. Its a nickel copper alloy, and it is DOT rated for use in brake systems. I use it on everything.
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    So, what's the fix for our slave cylinders?

    Its rare, but they can leak internally too. Pedal will go to the floor, feel like garbage, and not actuate the clutch. I only know for sure of one that has done it, but that isn't zero.
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    Single Flared Brake Line

    Well, the question is moot now. Dogs got me up at 0400 this morning, and I was awake, so I decided to use my extra hour today to go make a new line.
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    I agree, software is at fault here. Hold the Seek up and power buttons on the FCIM for 10 seconds to reboot the APIM.
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    Single Flared Brake Line

    Its on a rear line. The rear shoes are good, although I have an adjuster pawl that has a some stress damage. I haven't had time to order one yet.
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    Single Flared Brake Line

    Well the line I made tonight is super ugly, the wrong length, partially kinked, and I reused the old rusty line nuts. This was very literally throw together from ppieces I had available. The rub is that this is one of my only two operational vehicles right now. I am just trying to decide if I...
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    Single Flared Brake Line

    Would you trust a single flaring where a double should be? I had a blow out at the end of the day at work, my tool wouldn't bite the steel line hard enough to smash the first stage, so I just ran the cone down to get something the nut could bite to so I could get the line down and get home to...
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    So, what's the fix for our slave cylinders?

    The "fix" is using quality parts. Concentric slaves are an issue across the board, not just with Rangers or Fords. My wife used to have an S-10 that had the same setup (probably the same slave) and it would eat them too. I will say, My Ranger had the EXACT symptoms you listed. I took the trans...