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  1. Reductive Design... from Ford CEO

    In this case, learning to drive means you need to accept the reality that you aren't as skilled as you think you are.
  2. Reductive Design... from Ford CEO

    Rusty, to your point that there are a few surfaces where ABS can be outstopped specifically in a straight line by a tiny margin that's true. But it only applies on a surface that you can bog down in a bit like deep snow or gravel. But on an actual road that's rare, and you still lose steering...
  3. Reductive Design... from Ford CEO

    So because it stops just as fast as not having it, but maintains control of the vehicle, you think you're better than it is?
  4. Reductive Design... from Ford CEO

    This is complete and utter nonsense. You may 'think' you're a better driver and capable of outstopping ABS, but it's delusional. You -cannot- measure slip at an individual wheel and correct for it point by point. It's simply not possible. With wheel speed sensors and a controller to monitor...
  5. what does a cement block weigh?

    Like an average hollow cinder block? Looks like 38 is what both Lowe's and Home Depot say. More than I would have thought too.
  6. How to spend my tailgate money. Need locker/gear advice.

    Buy a used axle and swap in a full carrier unit while you're there. You can buy a Torsen for a 31 spline 8.8 for $325. Not a full locker, but it should last just about forever and be very mild on the street.
  7. Cybertruck Reveal

    Try reading that again. It doesn't say that her daily commute is 600 miles. In 7 months, she only had to use the supercharger two times. Those two times she had driven over 600 miles each.
  8. Cybertruck Reveal

    Do you believe it bolsters your argument to treat those you disagree with as if they're incompetent?
  9. 2001 Ranger 5.0 Swap HELP!!!

    No. The solution is not to register the truck somewhere else, or to use a totally different engine to get through inspection (nothing against GM engines). Brantley - do you still have questions? If so, make them as specific as possible and we can get you sorted out.
  10. V8 Conversion Headers

    Are you responding to a particular post?
  11. Eco plastic?

    That's a bad thing?
  12. Cybertruck Reveal

    It's been repeatedly stated in this thread that electric vehicles aren't for everyone today, and in certain use cases won't be for a very long time if ever. Nobody is telling you to adapt your requirements to use a vehicle you didn't choose.
  13. Cybertruck Reveal

    Again - not a single article from anything resembling a real source. It's not about fitting -my- agenda. It's about finding information from a place that doesn't -have- an agenda. You might as well post something from the National Enquirer.
  14. Cybertruck Reveal

    If you'd like to post a legitimate piece of information, go for it. If the best you can do is that nonsense, we'll continue laughing at your expense.
  15. Cybertruck Reveal

    When a website describes its purpose with a "manifesto", any same person should move on without taking it seriously.