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  1. efi to carb

    well turns out i might be getting a free 351w from an 92 ford. im looking to put it into my ranger. its purely an offroad truck and i want carb instead of efi. what would i need to switch the 351w over to carb??
  2. 1.9 turbo diesel

    hey guys thinking of putting a 1.9 vw turbo diesel in my ranger, the mechanical one. just wondering on what trannys i can run behind them and also what kinde of horsepower and torque that i could get out of it. im hopping to have atleast 200 hp and around 350 ft lb. wondering if it possible and...
  3. oil pressure lost

    hey, i got an 89 ranger with the 2.9 in it and once it warms up it losses oil presure when reving under 1500. what goin on??? i only use this truck for trail rides and mudding so its not a big deal turning the truck off when i aint driving but its annoying. would i just be able to turn up the...
  4. 35 boggers ?????

    hey guys i have a 1989 ranger with the 2.9l v6. last year i intalled a dana 44 and ford 9" with a custom suspention lift, radius arm front and 4 link rear suspention. my next step is gearing and tires. i was wondering if the little v6 will be able to spin 35x16 boggers with 5.38 gearing in the...
  5. setting up a 44

    hey guys im in the middle of my sas and im trying to figure out a what angle to set my pinion, i want it as high as possible. so my real question is how could i set of my knuckles, can the ball joints be straight up an down or do they gotta be angled back abit, i took a look at my buddies truck...
  6. sasing the ranger

    hey guys im currently putting in a froad 9" and dana 44 froma 1978 f-150. my question iswhat degree of wedges for the radius arms should i use. im using stock radius arms from the 78, and the stock mounting brakets. for coils im using ranger 4 inch lift coils. should have abotu 6 inches total...
  7. locked with 31s

    hey guys would a dana 28 hold up to 31s if it was locked, or would i just break axles ???
  8. gearing for 39.5s

    hey i was just wondering what kinde of gearing i would use with a stock 2.9l and locked front and rear 44 and 9". or is it just too much for the motor and tranny??
  9. doubler 1350/ 1354

    hey i was just wondering about the doubler kit. i have a electronic 13 50 and a manuel 1354. would that work
  10. weight diffrence

    what the diffrence in weight after dropping in a 302???, carburated if it makes much of a differneces
  11. 302, c4, np205

    hey guys i was just wondering if this set up would bolt together and also if it is a good set up, or can i use the stock transfer case, a borg warner 13 54 or it might be a 13 50?
  12. gearing for a 44 and 9"

    hey guys, im new here and i plan on putting a fullsize 44 and 9" under my ranger, 4 inch lidt, 3 inch body lift and cut out the fenders if i have too. i want to put some 35 inch boggers or some 37 inch iroks and i was wondering what kinde of gearing i should put, il be running a welded front...