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  1. 2001 V8 swap vss help please

    First off thanks for the replies with my other two questions I now have a trans that will not shift I know it is because of the vss m.y wire diagram in June manual has been less than worthless can someone tell me what wire I need to hook up manual says I should have a pink with orange...
  2. V 8 swap need vacuum diagram

    Anyone have a vacuum diagram for a 01 5L I can t find one anywhere and I don t have the sticker from the expo I got engine from
  3. 5.0 swap won t start

    I put a 01 explorer 5L in my 01 ranger I used the wire harness from expo the radio instrument cluster pats module steering column and ECM all from expo. The truck will crank over but will not start. The theft light was blinking normally. At first then it started to. Blink fast when I...