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    Electric radiator cooling fan mod

    Have triple e-fans on mine. Used aluminum strips for the puller fan. Mercedes pushers are a direct bolt in. Just be sure to out your thermostat in the lower hose. Otherwise it will never cycle. It will just stay on if in the upper.
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    No power/ throttle response under load

    KOEO/KOER codes?
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    200 AMP Alternator for 1990 2.9L

    Ron, are you the older gent named Ron in the "ask a Ford mechanic" ads I see everywhere online? You know the one. The one that looks like your father judging you for being one of "those kids." 👆🏿 This guy
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    1986 ford ranger 2.9 won’t rev past 3k

    2.9 rev limiter is 5600 on 88+. J&C Enterprises in Fairmont WV builds stout fully dressed replacement heads for the 2.9. They won't crack. Did you pull KOEO/KOER codes yet? 2.9s are severely allergic to heat. Don't overheat it. You will break expensive parts if it overheats. Clean out your...
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    200 AMP Alternator for 1990 2.9L

    Did the 3g upgrade to mine. Used the harness and alternator out of a 1995 Windstar. Easy as hell to do. With three massive fans (I'm NOT popping a head, damnit), stereo, inverter, etc. I still.havent found bottom.
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    Good call on everything in one shot. I tried rebuilding one of the steering boxes with a kit. Total waste of money. Not sure on the bolt size. I'll try to remember to pull one tomorrow at work. They're pointy. I hit mine with a needle scaler (thanks again for the tip @adsm08, use that thing...
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    Amazon warehouse is awesome

    Hey man, I'm still game. 🤘🏿
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    Interest in 2.9l Phenolic intake Spacers?

    Out of garrolite at the moment, but have a pending bulk order for ones for 2.3 Lima rigjt now. Planned on knocking a few more sets out for 2.9s out of the scrap. Want me to keep you posted?
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    Really, really bad forced induction idea...

    So. Not to depart the text too broadly, but this ugly old bastard fell into my lap, along with all of its plumbing, flanges, intercooler, exhaust components, etc. TD04HL-13T out of a Volvo V70 XC with a 2.5l I5. Opinions and thoughts, as always, are welcomed and appreciated! The intercooler...
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    For those who have everything

    Chevy powered?? Just became vegan.
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    All the reaction gifs I can find for "shove it in (face)" would get me banhammered if I posted them. 😶
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    What the crap is this??

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    What the crap is this??

    Hm. And now the next really stupid question. Will it make "gofasts"? 😂
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    What the crap is this??

    Aircraft was a guess, as well as some sort of early turbo. The date on it is suspicious to me.
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    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    Well, not an update to the truck per se, but an update to my work area that will allow me to do all kinds of fun crap to the truck. Have to upgrade it's guts of course. There's a few good articles out there on how to make this one usable.