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  1. alignment specs 2008 ford ranger

    Anyone know alignment specs for 2008 ford ranger 2 wheel drive 2.3l 5 spd manual XLT 126 inch wheel base?? 6 foot box
  2. stepside bed 2000 ford ranger fiberglass?

    I already know the the besides are fiberglass and I know the backside was not painted at the factory the question is has anyone ever painted the backside and if they did what would you use?
  3. 2008 ford ranger camber kits

    Hello got the kits from moog thanks.
  4. stepside bed 2000 ford ranger fiberglass?

    I am talking about under the bed and the backside of the bedsides.
  5. 2000 ford ranger flareside stepside bed

    thanks all believe it was made that way.
  6. 2008 ford ranger pats key and ignition lock clyinder

    tried to have keys programmed at a ford garage they said they couldn't program them so had to buy keys from them which I did but I suspect that they just wanted to sell me keys. The ignition switch did work that I had bought. anyways all fixed for a while now thanks.
  7. ford ranger high idle problem

    its how they made it yea used ti it now thanks
  8. 2008 ranger driving problems

    I did the shocks doesn't do it any more so that was it. thanks
  9. 2000 ford ranger paint

    Hello, I have a stepside bed from a 2000 ford ranger and with factory paint I am going to repaint and wondering what kind of paint did ford use in 2000? acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel. 2 coat system single coat? want to paint an acrylic enamel.
  10. dynomax exhaust system

    stainless steel
  11. dynomax exhaust system

    anyone had the dynomax system on there ford ranger? are they any good 150 to 200 dollars for complete from cat back.
  12. ford ranger exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2008 ford ranger XLT 2.3l engine 126 inch wheelbase 6 foot box extended cab. putting exhaust on it and the dynomax stainless steel for intermediate pipe outlet 2.5. tail pipes also stainless steel inlet outlet 2.5 . the walker muffler I picked out is stainless steel but...
  13. 2008 ford ranger camber kits

    thanks all for info going to get Moog part #K100348 as per moog service told me this is the correct part. Ordering from greaseable 27 dollars per side 2 kits. just a side note truck is 2008 ford ranger so there has been enough time that it really needs a proper alignment and...
  14. 2008 ford ranger camber kits

    Hello, I have a 2008 ford ranger 2 wheel driver XLT with front coil springs and am doing new ball joints and upper control arms so I am told I need new camber bolt kits as the factory ones don't adjust for proper alignment, tires are wearing on inside edge and have replaced shocks too. what are...