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    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    PJ..... :icon_rofl::thefinger:;missingteeth;:flipoff:;missingteeth;:flipoff::icon_rofl::thefinger:
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    No... 89-92 is 2nd gen
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    Automotive technology you miss.

    I want a VW Thing... Without a VW engine.
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    Cybertruck Reveal

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    25th birthday

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    Complete 2000 4 x 4 X Cab For Parts

    I’m pretty sure he was talking to the OP when he asked “where is it located?”... Meaning where is the truck located.
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    Eco plastic?

    What war... once you stop the flow of coffee beans, you stop the opposition. Every meme about coffee tells us “They can’t function without coffee!”
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    25th birthday

    Happy Birthday Jim... I hope you had as good of a birthday as I did.
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    4.6 2v swap in a 97 ranger

    We get it bro, you like Chevy engines, but a Chevy engine isn’t always the answer... Well, it seems to always be your answer.
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    Cybertruck Reveal

    I pretty sure I’m real... maybe you don’t exist.
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    Cybertruck Reveal

    That reminds me of a saying at work... “Brought to you by the lowest bidder.”
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    Eco plastic?

    It’s more environmentally friendly... when it’s day comes to rot in a field.
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    Eco plastic?

    That sounds like one of Dirtmans random tidbits of information he likes to throw in every once in a while.