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    Are dump trucks responsible for windshields?

    Hell yes it's their fault. You can't drive around with an unsecured load. That stupid "Stay Back" sign on the truck doesn't mean anything. It's not Jesus's crushed stone in the truck. It's going to be a civil matter. Civil matter is awesome because it's outside of criminal law and anything goes...
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    Cummins 2.8

    I was just downtown Columbus Indiana this summer for the 100th celebration. There were tons of vehicles on display with that crate engine swapped in. I don't know any specifics, but almost anything you can imagine had the crate engine. The engine comes with a lot of what you need. I have seen a...
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    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Cats--I don't like 'em. Babies! Made a bunch and I like them. That one looks awesome.
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    The Little Green Truck's Big Adventure

    I don't know what a Longmire book is...hopefully nobody was really killed? The thing that is clear is that you made a lot more of your trip than I did. All I did was hurt my arse and kill bugs. I thought about stopping at Canton on the way back, but I just tend to roll, roll, roll.
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    What!!!!!! The pushrod 4.0 will pull all other Ranger motors inside out (not the Ecoboost trucks). It's not even close! A 2.9? A 2.8? A 3.0???? What???!!!!! We all spent 20 years throwing those motors away so we could install a 4.0. Offroad, a 4.0 in place of a 2.9 means you can climb over...
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    Post your Anniversary Trail Ride photos and videos here

    I didn't even realize he was driving. Really good job.
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    Campers For Rangers

    Semi-float and Truck don't belong in the same sentence. All these new Fords have semi 60s in them. This Mercedes 2500 van we have is a little semi-float. If you have a full-float, it can't break. Period. It has 2 (TWO!) bearings hold the weight. And they are BIG bearings because they have to...
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    Towing/hauling with an E350?

    Where did you find that stuff at? Glad you posted numbers, though. We are getting somewhere. I wouldn't trade a 460 either. I wouldn't bet any money on it though. I've had a 460, and a 2000 Powerstroke, and a (two of them) Banks 6.2 diesel. The Banks would pull the 460 inside-out and just beat...
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    Post your Anniversary Trail Ride photos and videos here

    That diesel is kind of perfect for that climb. Doesn't need doublers or anything. Doesn't need a turbo, barely needs a go pedal. It just burbles up the rock pile with a little drool coming out the corner of its mouth. I'm chopping my B2 frame out of the weeds this week.
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    Summary thoughts

    The other thing that just popped into my head was the trouble I had with my tow vehicle. I had a '90 Chevy 2500 with a 6.2 diesel and Banks turbo. But the fuel heater wasn't working, which I didn't know until that night. After I got the B2 back onto the trailer after this event, I couldn't get...
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    Summary thoughts

    And Jim Allen liked the 6.2, Bobby. Just saying. That was a cluster-phawk, no question. Honestly, we had too many people show up. I think there were almost 30 trucks. Whoever led all of those trucks down into the creek bed, I don't remember. But I know a few trucks had some problems that slowed...
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    The Roadtrip begins

    Glad you made it, but not surprised. You built an awesome truck and I was glad to be able to see it.
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    Summary thoughts

    Needed name tags. Most of us changed our board names to our real names 15 years ago partly so we would know who each other were when we had rides. It was great to see people enthusiastic about trucks and maybe I'm a little more motivated to start dragging pieces together. I think we should do...
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    Camping or hotel / and Friday gathering...

    I'm in Warren. See you guys in the morning. Make room in your cooler for a gas station sandwich Ryan. Hope the road getting in there isn't too bad. My Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires aren't too good off road.