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    Tricky 4.0 Starting Issue

    Alright guys, I'm going to try and make this as complete but painless as possible. My friend recently bought a 94 Ranger XLT 4.0 OHV A4LD 4x4, its in nice shape, virtually zero rust, only 104k on the clock, etc. For the past few months we've been doing all sorts of stuff to it; repairs, mods...
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    94' 4.0 A4LD Questions

    Whats up guys, my girlfriend just picked up a super clean 94 ranger xlt, 4.0 4wd auto with a 3" BL and 285/75/16's (32.8"). Truck is in excellent shape with no rust and only 100k on the clock. But of course I'm going over all the basics first. The one area that concerns me is the dreaded A4LD...
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    3.0 Belt Squeal WTF

    Alright guys, I'm at my wit's end with this damn serp belt. Truck is a 2001 3.0 with air conditioning. Ever since I bought it there has been a BRUTAL constant belt squeal at any engine speed, 99.9% of the time. Every once in a while it would stop doing it for a few minutes, but never for long...
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    I said I'd be back!

    Whats up guys, some of you that have been here for a while probably remember me, I had the black 2nd gen that got 302 swapped, 4wd swapped, 5 speed swapped, lifted, painted, perfected, and then totaled shortly after D:< I ended up selling it (crashed) along with the remains of my parts truck...
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    well guys, im sad to say it but it looks like I'm no longer an RBV owner. I sold the B2 I got from my deal with my parts truck and totaled truck, and bought a....... dakota. :icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl: just kidding...
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    Just totalled my pride and joy.

    I had just finished my 4wd swap (K member and all), 5spd swap, and engine swap (huge project all done at once). took me literally months of work (not to mention the many months of work that went into my 302 swap on this truck previously). i even went as far as getting a donor truck for it. the...
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    2nd Gen's with smoked or clear corners

    I have a spare set of corners and tails to play with, and i'm going to have my friend smoke em out tomorrow for me. but my original plan was to go with clear corners, so now i cant make up my mind haha. before i go and buy clear corners to experiment with, i was wondering if anyone had any pics...
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    Not sure if this will help anyone.

    I'm sure we're all aware that the clutch on our rangers is a pain to bleed. I found out the hard way. I forgot to bench bleed the master, and realized after everything was put together and I was ready to test drive it. I havent heard of this technique before (hence why I'm posting it), but I...
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    Im going to be getting my truck aligned after the 4wd swap. i have coil spacers and will surely need upper ball joint alignement bushings. how much do you guys normally pay for a front wheel alignment?
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    Would this concern you?

    I got a little carried away doing my u- joints before :annoyed: how much of a dumbass am i for running it like this?
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    I KNOW, dont bother. But.....

    i just cant help myself this time. i'm addicted to all of this guy's videos. apparently turbo 2.8's and 2.9's are pretty common in europe? supposedly this thing only has a cam and big (holset i think) turbo along with standalone megasquirt efi. are...
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    Cruise Control Vacuum Servo

    I'm trying to get my original cruise control thing hooked back up since i have a 2.9 again, but i cant remember where the vacuum hoses go. Its a vac servo from an 89 ranger, anyone got pics? i know one goes to manifold vacuum, the other goes to the little valve thing thats by the brake pedal...
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    Transfer case wiring

    Almost done with my 4wd swap, just a few odds and ends left. One of them being running the wiring for the transfercase. I already have the plug for the interior buttons ready to go, but where does the plug for the transfercase go? Instead of trying to run it under the carpet in my 2wd, i would...
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    Manual Swap Wiring

    Putting an m5od in my 89 ranger (was a4ld). i plan to eliminate the clutch triple function switch or whatever its called, but uhhh, where's the plug for it on the auto truck? :dunno: also, on the little harness that goes around the m5, will that just plug in to where my auto one connected?
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    Better Late Then Never

    Alright well, I've been stankin up the general discussions forum for a while now with all of my 4wd swap nonsense, so i figured i would start a build thread. Plus i think it would be pretty cool to keep track of the progress. I started taking pictures a little late, but really all that was...