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  1. alignment specs 2008 ford ranger

    Anyone know alignment specs for 2008 ford ranger 2 wheel drive 2.3l 5 spd manual XLT 126 inch wheel base?? 6 foot box
  2. 2000 ford ranger paint

    Hello, I have a stepside bed from a 2000 ford ranger and with factory paint I am going to repaint and wondering what kind of paint did ford use in 2000? acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel. 2 coat system single coat? want to paint an acrylic enamel.
  3. dynomax exhaust system

    anyone had the dynomax system on there ford ranger? are they any good 150 to 200 dollars for complete from cat back.
  4. ford ranger exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2008 ford ranger XLT 2.3l engine 126 inch wheelbase 6 foot box extended cab. putting exhaust on it and the dynomax stainless steel for intermediate pipe outlet 2.5. tail pipes also stainless steel inlet outlet 2.5 . the walker muffler I picked out is stainless steel but...
  5. 2008 ford ranger camber kits

    Hello, I have a 2008 ford ranger 2 wheel driver XLT with front coil springs and am doing new ball joints and upper control arms so I am told I need new camber bolt kits as the factory ones don't adjust for proper alignment, tires are wearing on inside edge and have replaced shocks too. what are...
  6. stepside bed 2000 ford ranger fiberglass?

    question is I have a 2000 ford ranger stepside bed are the sides fiberglass or a fiberglass mix? and can you just paint them? and do I need to paint the back sides too? can I just fill small imperfections with fiberglass bondo with hardener? have experience painting metal but not fiberglass.
  7. 2000 ford ranger flareside stepside bed

    I bought this 2000 ford ranger stepside bed and is in really good shape but the front of the bed that's in between the cab has the ends of the bedsides open. do they come that way? the bed looks original.
  8. 2008 ford ranger pats key and ignition lock clyinder

    I got a 2008 ford ranger XLT 2.3 2WD 5 speed manual I need a new ignition switch lock cylinder and 2 keys that can be programed the security key, pats. anyone got any idea where I can get one that will work and maybe a link to it?
  9. ford ranger high idle problem

    I have a 2008 ford ranger xlt with 2.3 DOHC and 5 speed manual tranny. took throttle body off cleaned it was really dirty on back side, put it back in now have an idle problem when I come to a stop sign it will stay at 2000 rpms for a bit then idle down to normal, I thought it was the IAC valve...
  10. 2008 ranger driving problems

    Recently bought a 2008 ford ranger xlt supercab 2.3 5 speed. someone did a 3 inch body lift which I like the stance. Question I have is when driving I notice when hiting those annoying lines in the road every so many feet that sometimes I feel the rear end trying to kick out or to the side is...