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  1. Manual Shift BW1350 Linkage

    You aren't talking about something like this, are you?

    If I had just stuck with the stock cam grind, I would have been driving the truck well over a year ago. Probably saved myself 100 hours of labor and easily more than a thousand dollars as well.

    Stupidity? During the rebuild, I purchased and installed a new CompCams camshaft from Amazon with matching valve springs, etc. Once it was all reassembled, I couldn't figure out why it wasn't running right. Ultimately chased it down to Amazon sticking a returned cam back on the shelf and...

    Ordered a bunch of parts now that (with Jim's help) the engine issue is diagnosed. New rod and crank bearings, transmission solenoids and springs, coolant and atf, gaskets, etc.
  5. Are you organizing a car show?

    @Jim Oaks - this seems perfect for you, if you haven't already spoken to them.
  6. Friction Modifier In P/S

    What issue are you having?
  7. Evaporator housing insulation

    Thermo-Tec makes a product that looks about right, but the smallest piece I can get is 8 square feet for about $40. Seems a little excessive...
  8. Evaporator housing insulation

    I'm looking for the insulation that goes on the cover for the evaporator housing on my '99 Ranger. The cover with insulation wasn't that expensive originally (p/n XL5Z19B666AA), but it's been discontinued. Apologies for not posting a picture, but the insulation is gone on mine so there's not...
  9. The 2019 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    Thanks for stopping by on your way up to Ohio now that your TAT adventures are complete!
  10. 4x4 engages with cup holder use

    This. The transfer case doesn't even have any wiring or linkage going to it. It just transfers power to the front end as front and rear driveshaft speeds drift apart.
  11. TRS Trailride truck roll call

    Driving all the way through? You're welcome to crash here.
  12. Mystery Black Box

    If it's directly connected to the antenna line in, there's no reason to expect a significant improvement with bluetooth.
  13. 2wd Offroad Package

    Because a little extra ground clearance, traction, and under body protection is useless?
  14. More cluster swap woes

    I think the tach's only an issue because you pulled it from a V8 Explorer. Most of us just used a cluster from the same or similar year Ranger, or at least a non-V8 Explorer. I swapped one from a '94 Explorer into my old '94 Ranger and it really was straight plug and play for everything.
  15. 2wd Offroad Package

    I wonder if adding the FX2 to a 2wd requires different pre-selected options that explain some of the price difference?
  16. Are you satisfied?

    Why not get a big used truck to go with a high efficiency car?
  17. Are you satisfied?

    He lives!
  18. TRS Trailride truck roll call

    Thanks. I'm hopeful that whatever caused the oil pressure loss is an easy diagnosis, and that I don't need any significant machine work. Frustrated is an understatement at this point. For what's a pretty easy conversion, this project has turned into a near 2 year fiasco.
  19. TRS Trailride truck roll call

    Getting there... I won't have time to work on it tonight. Hopefully before the week is out I'll at least have the engine apart to get an idea of where things went sideways and what it'll take to get it fixed. I'm kicking myself for not buying the headers last November when they were $305 on...
  20. TRS Trailride truck roll call

    I've got two concerns right now. The first is the biggest one - getting the engine repaired and back into the truck before the event. It's ready to pull as of last night, so I just need to get the hoist out and bolt it to the stand. Secondary issue is that I have jury duty in September, so...