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  1. alwaysFlOoReD

    Like button ?

    When I first started using the like button with the new forum software there was choices. I could pick between 4 or 5 different emoji. Now all I can do is pick the thumbs up emoji. Anyone have an idea what I did to lose the option to choose emojis?
  2. alwaysFlOoReD

    Bought myself a 93 parts truck

    I just picked up a 93 Ranger, 2.3, manual, 2wd, 348,000 km. Motor is toast. I bought it for the manual trans. I have a 2.3 project motor that I need a trans for so I plan on taking 1 of my spare 4.0 4x4 trans and swapping parts. Unfortunately there isn't much left of the body. There is 4 good...
  3. alwaysFlOoReD

    I wish I had done this...

    Who says the youth of today are a lost cause?...
  4. alwaysFlOoReD

    Will a 5.4 starter fit a 4.6?

    That's my question.
  5. alwaysFlOoReD

    1987 Mazda B2600 4x4 wiring diagram ?

    I'm going to see how good my google-fu is but meanwhile can anyone suggest a site where I can download a diagram/s? I need to check wires for lights and various cab stuff, and I want to clean out all the crap associated with the emissions carb that I replaced with a Weber. I don't have enough...
  6. alwaysFlOoReD

    Toolbox organization

    I ran across this vid for a pit box. A lot that I already do but a lot that I didn't know too.
  7. alwaysFlOoReD

    codes 173 and 177

    173 is left bank 177 is right bank. What causes an O2 sensor to not switch? Is this a sign of leaking injectors? My trucks' cel comes on intermittently, and fuel mileage has dropped drastically. Recently replaced both o2 sensors, new y-pipe and the ect sensor with a good used one. These got rid...
  8. alwaysFlOoReD

    B2 sold at auction $8400 scroll down to bottom of page;
  9. alwaysFlOoReD

    Ford BBAS link

    Here is Fords Body Builders Advisory Service, which has the 2019 Ranger link to dimensions and layout in a PDF format; And a direct link to the PDF download...
  10. alwaysFlOoReD

    Case 444 coil question?

    Is there any reason I can't use a coil from my 2.9 ranger on this single cylinder tractor?
  11. alwaysFlOoReD

    Carhauler Overhaul

    I bought a used 20' carhauler several yeras ago for C$2,500.00. It came with a bunch of 2" ratchet straps, an 8,000 lb winch, and new 6,000 lb axles. Why did it have new axles? Because a vehicle caught fire on it! The price was right for my pocketbook and I figured the fire didn't do too much...
  12. alwaysFlOoReD

    truck suddenly started running like crap

    93 ranger 4.0l standard. Suddenly started running like crap on a traffic circle. Pulled over and let sit while I looked for anything obvious. Found nothing and have no tools with me....I just took them out this morning....go figure. So if I let it sit for a minute it will fire up and run fine...
  13. alwaysFlOoReD

    Check your trailer brakes....

    I had a scary moment yesterday. I was hauling a load of pallet racking I won at auction and a car pulled in front of me just as the light was turning yellow. She decided to stop and I was squealing all the way. I lifted off the brake for a moment and was able to steer into the empty right lane…...
  14. alwaysFlOoReD

    Learning spanish

    Let me be the first to welcome all to the new Spanish forum. Guess I'm going to have to learn the language if I'm going to participate :icon_surprised: .
  15. alwaysFlOoReD

    basics on tank gauge - propane ?

    I just bought a 1980 GMC/Grumman van with a 350ci on propane. It's running well but I don't know how much fuel is in the tank. I checked the wire from tank to dash by eyeball and see no problems. I'm going to check the dash gauge tonight by putting 12 volts to the terminal. How can I check the...
  16. alwaysFlOoReD

    98 f150 alternator ?

    98 f150 4.6l/auto. My battery cable came off the battery while driving. Alternator didn't charge. I just replaced the alternator twice, the last one is brand new. None are charging, all I see is battery voltage not the 14 volts I expect. Is there a fuse that could cause this problem? I did look...
  17. alwaysFlOoReD

    VIN check ?

    Can someone on site run a Canadian VIN for me. I bought a used Snapon truck and there is no reg papers and no indication of build year. Let me know via PM or email me at " alwaysfloored [at] ". TIA Richard
  18. alwaysFlOoReD

    Snapon truck

    I bought a used Snapon truck for my renovation/construction business. Unfortunately the decals will have to come off. And it's on a GMC/chev frame/running gear. But it should hold pretty much all my tools. It has undercabinet lighting on every level and 6 skylights. I won't have to squint to...
  19. alwaysFlOoReD

    Swap engine, OR swap bodies?

    As the title reads, which is easier? 1998 4.6l/auto/4wd good drivetrain and 2003 with good body, good trans/TC. TIA
  20. alwaysFlOoReD

    2001 2.3 what engine will fit.

    I goofed and deleted the thread, sorry. I was able to go back and copy it but can't restore it myself. I'll see if someone higher up can help. unfortunately, the original post is gone forever. Here is what I was able to copy;