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  1. Dirtman

    2009 Ranger TPMS Type ???

    My 09 has the banded style but if you're getting new you can use either type. I would get the stem style. All that matters is that you get the proper frequency. I can't remeber if its 315mhz or 433mhz. If your just swapping the old sensors to the new rims, you need to buy the bands. But at 10...
  2. Dirtman

    Long time lurker

    Very cool truck. Welcome to TRS!
  3. Dirtman

    What else you got?

    Nice! I haven't kept up on the mustangs since the fox bodies lol. But I love the fake classic gas cap trunk logo. I have a 65, those real gas caps are like gold.
  4. Dirtman

    4x4 engages with cup holder use

    I need to get a special kind of ****** to answer that. Give me a minute.
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  6. Dirtman

    Replace oil pump?

    I did joke about the oil pump... I apologize, my humor is well... stick around and you will get it. I was not joking about using kerosene. "Gunk" engine flush is literally just a can of kerosene. It wont hurt your engine and is a strong solvent.
  7. Dirtman

    Can only link one "new" remote to 96 Ranger how add more??

    When has math ever mattered. My point is still valid.
  8. Dirtman

    Friction Modifier In P/S

    Ron stick to information. Your jokes suck. Wait..... is ron really alexa?
  9. Dirtman

    Can only link one "new" remote to 96 Ranger how add more??

    When you do the 8 key turn thing, that clears everything. You need to set every fob when you do it, Even your original. Are you forgetting to program the original fob? If you just hit the new ones the original will be lost.
  10. Dirtman

    4x4 engages with cup holder use

    Cup holders!!!
  11. Dirtman

    Northern truck prices vs southern truck prices.

    Recently while I was down in Georgia me and my brother in law got to discussing buying old trucks. I mentioned the price for clean rangers up north was skyrocketing and it's not uncommon to see clean 20+ year old rangers selling for close to 10k. He said down there he can buy rust free rangers...
  12. Dirtman

    Friction Modifier In P/S

    Last time I flushed my power steering system I filled it up with mercon v that I had previously mixed with lubeguard red when I flushed my transmission. Not because I thought it would help or hurt, I was just too cheap to buy more mercon. I dont think lubeguard red is actually a friction...
  13. Dirtman

    Friction Modifier In P/S

    If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... use placenta for power steering fluid. On a less serious note, I'm sure Ron knows but wouldn't a friction modifier made for transmission use be better than that used for differential use since the power steering system is using ATF and not...
  14. Dirtman

    Rangers 4 Ever

  15. Dirtman

    Replace oil pump?

    Kerosene works good as a cheap engine flush.
  16. Dirtman

    Rangers 4 Ever

    Hi Brad. I poop in the furnace and enjoy chowdah.
  17. Dirtman

    Lifter tap at cold start help..

    If you leave it sit for a bit you can "re-prime" the oil pump by holding the gas pedal to the floor and crank the engine. (It wont start with the pedal down, the computer shuts off the fuel injectors. it's called clear flood mode) Crank it like this for 5-6 seconds and then release the pedal...
  18. Dirtman

    How in the world????

    Glad you sorted it out. Don't feel bad, I've done that a few times. Dohc engines with center plugs and those plug wires that go about a foot down into the valve cover always piss me off trying to get them seated right. Slathering them in silly paste usually helps.
  19. Dirtman

    Water pump pulley question

    I didn't even think serpentine belts existed when the 2.8 was around...
  20. Dirtman

    02 Auto Slipping

    I'm by no means a transmission expert, there's a guy on here @Transman304 who is pretty much a genius with these things. Might wanna give him a PM. Reading those symptoms though I'm thinking its not actually an issue with the trans at all but a problem with the shifter, cable, or digital range...