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    Urgent! Starter wire routing

    Go buy a longer wire.
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    I used to think people were "borrowing" my time passed every one turned up right where I left them. I'd rather blame other people....
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    Odd BII conversion....

    Its for the kid in all of us....every kid wants to be in a parade.
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    Hoping to Join the Ranger Crew!

    Hi, and welcome to TRS. 255,000 is getting up there, but is acceptable. Be prepared to do brakes, front end components, maybe electrical gremlins if someone has been into the wiring. The ranger is very capable stock. Unless you're going for looks, try without the lift first and maybe save a bit...
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    Need some experienced guidance 1987 ranger rebuild

    For $10,000.00 you could buy an already restored ranger. Installing a motor isn't that hard, and the members here are very helpful if you ask.
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    Northern truck prices vs southern truck prices.

    Not a fish...a crustacean.
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    Papaw's BII

    Lots if people swear by Fluid Film. Spray it on the frame and under side of the truck once a year. Its a natural lanolin based thick coating that creeps into all the little crevices and repels water. Google it.
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    Anyone installed round headlights on a 1st gen Ranger?

    Look up Copykat. He is no longer on site but he did a conversion in his b-2.
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    Drift Truck Help

    1] I would get rid of the front sway bar or go to the thinnest one you can find. 2] Then put a 1" or bigger rear sway bar out of a full-size f150 into your truck. It fits if you slightly bend the arms in a little on a 20ton press. 3] You can make a posi out of the rear you have by adding 1 or...
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    5.8l Bronco II

    Yeah, the whole ad is full of inconsistencies. Both 4x4 and 2wd, v8 and 4cyl.
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    Replace oil pump?

    Take it apart and measure the clearances. Look for scoring on the flat surfaces. Don't stretch the spring.
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    New from Ontario, Canada

    Hello and welcome to TRS. That truck looks to be rust free, and you're in Ontario....WOW.
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    TRS 20th Anniversary Patch - Want One?

    After losing my wallet out of my sweatpants while getting out of my car, I was thinking about a fanny pack.... I lost it in one of 2 places, princess auto (Canadian harbor freight) or Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart called the next day and I picked up my wallet....with all the cash still in it. Over $200.
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    5.8l Bronco II

    Where does it say 5.8l in the ad?
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    Friction Modifier In P/S

    Trapped as bubbles.?
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    Friction Modifier In P/S

    I thought it was air too. Perhaps the friction modifier changes the surface/interface tension.
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    4x4 engages with cup holder use

    Dont drink and drive!
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    what year 4.0 to swap in my 88 4x4

    I have not done a swap myself but everything I have read says to go as close in year to the original engine. So look for a 1990.
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    Need to identify the year of this Ranger

    Cordless tools are also cheap and effective against locks.