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  1. Dirtman

    Opinions on henry rifles

    I've been wanting a new lever action for a while. I currently have an old Winchester 94 30-30 which I love but it's technically not legal to shoot anywhere here and 30-30 is not a great caliper for target shooting. Henry makes a decent looking gun in .38 special / .357 mag. .38 is cheap and is...
  2. Dirtman

    That stupid rubbery interior coating....

    What's the best way to strip that thin rubbery coating off the radio bezel without hurting the plastic underneath? I'm nervous regular paint stripper will just eat through the plastic and I'm tired of rubbing bits of it off with my fingernail...
  3. Dirtman

    Northern truck prices vs southern truck prices.

    Recently while I was down in Georgia me and my brother in law got to discussing buying old trucks. I mentioned the price for clean rangers up north was skyrocketing and it's not uncommon to see clean 20+ year old rangers selling for close to 10k. He said down there he can buy rust free rangers...
  4. Dirtman

    Reprogramming a 5r?

    Several months ago I rebuilt the valve body on my 5r44e. Added a shift kit while I was in there and used the "heavy" springs. At first the thing shifted like a beast. Super firm quick shifts and awesome fast downshifts. But after a while it seems the computer just re-adjusts everything and it...
  5. Dirtman

    Flat towing a 2wd automatic.

    Me and a buddy just got a f350 quad with a bed camper. We plan on using it... uhhh... for camping. I found and ultimately bought the tow bar kit for my truck (09 2wd xl) it was so cheap I couldn't pass it up. We were gonna get a trailer but with the tow bar so cheap now we wanna flat tow. The...
  6. Dirtman

    F350 7.3 charging issue. Twin batteries, one alternator.

    Asking for a buddy. He bought a 2001 f350 with a blown up 7.3. We swapped in a new "used" motor and got it running great (had to replace the IDM) but now it's got a charging issue. It started and drove fine, checked voltage at the batteries at startup and got 14.2 which is ok. But this is a...
  7. Dirtman

    Where is the battery saver relay on an 09 with a SJB not a GEM?

    My smart junction box randomly decides not to shut down after a few minutes like it should when you turn the truck off. So this leaves me with random parasitic draw. I'm thinking the only way this can happen is if the battery saver relay is sticking. But... I cannot find a battery saver relay on...
  8. Dirtman

    How to measure amp OUTPUT not DRAW.

    Dumb question.... I hooked up a series of solar panels to my shed. In series not parallel so volts are the same but amps is increased. Using it for charging 12 volt batteries and gizmos. I understand how to measure the amp draw of a device on a power source (aka measuring headlight draw on a...
  9. Dirtman

    Is this all I need for a solar charger system?

    I wanna put a 25 watt or so solar panel on my truck just to keep a little trickle charge in it when it's not being used and not near the house. I had a all in one little gizmo but it stopped working and didn't do much to begin with... I know I need a controller first. Found the battery tender...
  10. Dirtman

    Factory backup camera ford emblem

    Quick question. Are the factory oval ford tailgate emblems with the backup camera built in on the newer f150's the same size as the regular tailgate emblem on the 98+ rangers?
  11. Dirtman

    Why do I have two fans?

    I've owned my truck for 10 years and not until today did I find out it has 2 fans... I was tossing around the idea of getting rid of the clutch fan and installing an electric so I went to measure the shroud to see what size I needed. Stuck my hand in there only to find, it already has an...
  12. Dirtman

    Amazon warehouse is awesome

    Anyone ever check out the "open box" deals on amazon? Ive been finding crazy deals on stuff. I got new motorcraft rear shocks for $2.35 each, 2 autel tpms sensors for $3.56 each, a pcv valve for 50 cents, a 4 pack of 600lb cargo straps for a buck, a 20 foot stinky slinky for 4 bucks... tons of...
  13. Dirtman

    How much damage does a battery suffer...

    When you kill a car battery... I meannto like 1 volt.... how much damage does it suffer? Just did it to my brand new battery. Got it charging but now im concerned it's damaged for life. Yea it'll probably work fine when charged but did I take years off its life?
  14. Dirtman

    Grumpaw is the man

    Finally got my clam chowder radio replaced thanks to grumpaw. He sent me a beautiful soup free replacement. Old and soupy... New and clean! Thanks a ton @Grumpaw.
  15. Dirtman

    Can a key die?

    Thought about just adding this in the other PATS thread but didn't wanna highjack. My original spare key always worked weird, it had a delay like the computer took longer to read it but it would still start. I lost one of my originals and replaced it, still have 2 good working keys now. But the...
  16. Dirtman

    Radio delete.

    I gave up. Used radios are about 100, fancy ones are about 400... all I want is a clock. Did ford ever make a radio delete plate?
  17. Dirtman

    All my problems are over!

    Chowdah popcicles!!!!
  18. Dirtman

    What double din units fit best.

    My beloved AM/FM factory radio died and prices for a used one are stupid. I've decided I'm just gonna get a double din touchscreen unit with the GPS and what not. I've looked at a bunch of install videos and write ups and some seem to fit with very minor trimming of the bezel, some require all...
  19. Dirtman

    Is a manual worth it...

    I've long realised my automatic trans is gonna be far outlived by the 2.3 engine and basically everything else on the truck. I planned on picking up a junkyard 5r44e and rebuilding it in my basement then just storing it until the time comes. Today I found a 2008 2.3 with a manual in the junkyard...
  20. Dirtman

    Do automatics have a thermostat?

    Simple question out of curiosity, is there a thermostat on the 5r44e that stops fluid from going through the cooler until a certain temperature?