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  1. stsalvage

    dose the 2.9 use the same motor mounts as the 4.0

    I'm looking at a bronco 2 an i really hate the 2.9.I've always had better luck with the 4.0.I know if i use the 4.0 in the bronco I need to use the 8.8 rear end cus the 4.0 Puts out a lot of torq that the 7.5 can't handle as in rear ends.Any one have any other advise on if i do this I did find...
  2. stsalvage

    ford air bag clock spring

    I'm having a rough time trying to find one I bought a column from a junk yard and it was a tilt column from a 1997 But the little bastards took the steering wheel and the clock spring before they shipped it Now i'm trying to find one that will work in the 1995--97 ranger and the dealer is not...
  3. stsalvage

    Heater Core need help 1996 extened cab

    they make 2 heater cores for this truck the alum and the copper one which one is better I have old Chevy's and the copper and brass ones seem to hold the heat better and seem to last a Lot longer need to know if the alum would do or fair any better then the copper and brass one you can email me...
  4. stsalvage

    IN need of a 8.8 1991 ranger Rear end yoke

    I need a new one cus the pinion seal wore a grove in mine where do i find them where do i look for one and dose the after market racing one diffrent then the stock one you can contact me at this is a 1991 ford ranger super cab 4.0 2 wheel drive with the 8.8 rear end NOT the...