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  1. adsm08

    Rear Window Options

    What @Fastech370ca wants to do will work. @Dirtman go grab literally any sliding rear window off any year super cab Ranger and just put it in.
  2. adsm08

    Volvo EPAS Conversion

    I wonder if I could use one of these on my tractor. I need a manual diverter valve that can switch the direction of the flow.
  3. adsm08

    vacuum advance

    The crank sensor can only tell the computer when cylinder 1 is coming up to TDC, which is all you need to know for a batch fire injection system. To do sequential you need to know where the cam is as well so you can find the compression stroke. The cam sensor tells the computer where the cam...
  4. adsm08

    Tdi conversion kit for Ranger. Want one?

    I'm not familiar with this starter. Would it be possible to remove the gear and flip it over?
  5. adsm08

    vacuum advance

    How is your fuel pressure. If you can, test it while driving down the road.
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    vacuum advance

    The transmission vacuum modulator (What I assume you were trying to ask about before autocorrect got ahold of it) is on the transmission, at the rear on the passenger side.
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    Nice little BII

    Mojo, you forgot that it has a carb. A FEEDBACK carb at that.
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    Fuel injector questions

    On paper. Batch fire systems generally get better MPG, which makes no sense at all, but has been reported as a real world observation by a few people here. I am running one of each and don't really notice any differences. Over the summer my B2 (batch fire) was getting almost 19 MPG, while my...
  9. adsm08

    Fuel injector questions

    At least some years split the batch the same way the 2.9 did. I ran into that when I built the injector harness for my attempt at a SOHC swap. I think I modeled my attempt off a non-California 94.
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    Nice little BII

    What do you mean "not priced badly"? That price is more than three times market value of that vehicle.
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    2020 Ranger: Is there a V-6 Option?

    And then they wonder why there are so many accidents.
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    NASCAR's website assures me that racism is still alive and well in our society.
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    2020 Ranger: Is there a V-6 Option?

    I want Ford to stop sitting on their brains.
  14. adsm08

    2020 Ranger: Is there a V-6 Option?

    I just checked, the service manuals haven't been released yet, so no info from that end.
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    Well I think we already were, we just couldn't discuss it on the forum.
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    Reprogramming a 5r?

    From the toolbox go down to the powertrain option on the menu, and select transmission. In the tab that opens up there should be an option with a title about the trans adapt strategy (not sure of the exact wording, it changes periodically). That selection should give an option to disable it...
  17. adsm08

    Flickering headlights after swap

    I've found a good test for a failing diode is to check for AC voltage at the battery with the engine running. About .01V per diode seems to be "normal", so up to .03V is OK, any more than that is excessive. In most cases by the time you have flickering lights you have close to half a volt coming...
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    2008 350 superduty v10 transmission problem

    I don't know if I should bother explaining it again, since you clearly didn't understand the first time, or just write you off as not able to understand. The cruise control CAN'T USE THE BRAKES so it has to use compression braking if it needs to slow the vehicle, so you will notice more...
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    Leafspring insulators/silencers

    You mean the little plastic discs that go between the leaves? No, they just make it squeak when it rains.
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    air bag disconnect

    Whoever is doing your tires is taking you for quite the ride.