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  1. bronco2fan

    The Ranger Station and Tapatalk

    I tried the TRS homepage on the web from my phone and it wasn't near as good as TT and when I tried to use the forum button it jumped to TT and back to the Homepage. Either I'm using it wrong or it still has bugs. Hate to say it, but I prefer TT so far.
  2. bronco2fan

    The Ranger Station and Tapatalk

    I don't know if it's just me or the whole forum. But here's a few things I noticed and was curious if it was on purpose. New forum post can't be seen on Tapatalk, it shows on TRS, but not on my phone. Private messages aren't available in TT, says site Administrator has blocked this. Also I...
  3. bronco2fan

    My carb is missing parts

    here ya go
  4. bronco2fan

    Liftgate Insulation

    Pics are always helpful when looking at a particular part. I had a extra handle and assembly somewhere, I just have to remember where lol.
  5. bronco2fan

    My carb is missing parts

    Haven't thought about it. Research it and PM me and we'll discuss it.
  6. bronco2fan

    My carb is missing parts

    I have the original from my 84, 2.8 sitting on my work bench.
  7. bronco2fan

    84 2.8 giving me some issues

    You need to give more info on the vehicle. All original carb, etc. Tune up? Have you adjusted the Distributer? Check timing? New Cap, plug wires? No vacuum leaks? Automatics are different then manuals.
  8. bronco2fan

    Nice 88 B-2, but expensive I'd drive this for sure, But a little too expensive for me.
  9. bronco2fan

    Pictures or Location of Cross Members In Ceiling

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  10. bronco2fan

    Happy Holidays

    Just wanna take this time to wish Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to all the TRS staff, members, contributors, visitors. Hope the holidays and new year finds us all in good health, and our families and friends too. Good luck to all and hopefully it'll be a...
  11. bronco2fan

    BII Cargo cover

    Hey guys posting here too. If you have pics of your cargo cover in place I would like to see them. I'm almost done with mine and need the Cargo cover end caps and and the part that it goes over. If you have one you know what I'm talking about. Any leads appreciated.
  12. bronco2fan

    Some BII extra help

    Ok guys, I'm almost finished with the interior paint and install. But I need some help. If anybody has pics of the XLT or Eddie Bauer interior cargo area I really would like to see them. Additionally if you have spare or broken cargo cover parts(ideally red) lol. I'm more then interested in...
  13. bronco2fan

    BII Crushed, such a shame

    So I went back to the Pic N Pull today to finish scavenging the only BII I could find in a yard around here. I looked where it was and it was gone. I wondered around looking for it in case they just moved it or something. 20 minutes later I found it in the yard where they get ready to crush the...
  14. bronco2fan

    Bronco II Headliner

    So I've started to install new interior in my old B2. Ripped everything out and getting it cleaned up for fatmat, carpet, refurbished interior panels and headliner. My old foam pad for the headliner is really roached and was wondering if anyone knows of a fix for the foam? Otherwise I need to...
  15. bronco2fan

    I want something fast

    Or this I've done over 100 many times lol, and parts and vehicles are very plentiful
  16. bronco2fan

    FiTech Fuel Injection

    Was watching spike TV (Engine Power)this morning and they built this mopar motor with this fuel delivery system in it. So me being curious I went to the website to check them out. I was surprised to see just how innovative the product was. Looks like it's only for 4 barrel applications, but the...
  17. bronco2fan

    Will this work

    Saw this add and was wondering if this motor is a good match for a fairly easy swap or if I needed to change the accessory to the Explorer model? Besides all the other things I know I'll need .
  18. bronco2fan

    James Duff 3 inch lift

    So I was looking online for a suspension lift for my 84 BII. Duff has 2 to choose from. The 600 and 1200 buck ones. My question is which to get? 1200 has new torsion arms and double shocks up front. But no dropped pitman arm. Sold separately lol. Do I need to get the pitman arm for 3 inch lift...
  19. bronco2fan


    So, what have you done with your toys lately? Mine have got new tires and rims which I hate to say is getting expensive lol. The Mustang cost the most, but that's to be expected . They all got new shoes in the last 6 months or so lol. Damn thing won't let me upload but I'll keep trying lol.
  20. bronco2fan

    General Consensus on leveling kit

    So I picked up some 32x1150x15 with some mud terrains on really good looking Eagle alloys. 5 of them for 200 bucks. Put them on the BII and they rub just a tad on the left front and a little more on the right. My question is should I go ahead and do the suspension lift or because they fit really...