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  1. stsalvage

    Fixing up my extended cab.

    word to all you people that live back in the snow states If you can you get used body parts with no cancer in them Best thing to do it strip then down and take them to a powder coat place and have them Powder coat all your outside sheet metal your bed fenders hood doors. If you can strip down...
  2. stsalvage

    HELP ! O2 sensor problem?

    I be checking your Fuel Injectors Or check the Fuel relay under your fuse box check fuel pressure But check your injectors you might have a few that are DEAD fuel injectors don't last forever 200,000
  3. stsalvage

    87 2.9 to 93 4.0 swap wiring

    You mean to tell me it's not a plug and play system you can't take 1990--94 with all the harness everything and make it work in a 1991--89 ford bronco II Or a 1990--92 franger and just swap it over even if it had a 2.3 or 3,0 the 3.0 wire harness connecter looks almost the same as the 4.0 connecter
  4. stsalvage

    2.3 and the 3.0 do they share the same bell housing on the 5 speed transmission from 1991-97

    Is the 2.3 transmission the same bell housing as the 3.0 from 1991--1997 ford rangers for the 5-speed stick shift
  5. stsalvage

    Did Ford make a factory v8 ranger for the public

    I say if you're going to go big why stop at 302 why not go 1 inch bigger that all you have to deal with is 1 inch higher and so much more fun to play with is the 351 Winsor. I friend of mine out of Texas has a twin-turbo 351 Winsor He gets down to the low 8 in the quarter-mile at 155 mph He...
  6. stsalvage

    89 bronco II with a blown engine

    I've been looking to do this to one of the 1988 and up Bronco II. I bought 1991 ranger with the 4.0 and 5 speed then 15 years later after an Illegal Mexican Hit the back of my ranger and tore up the bed. I found another 1990 ford ranger with a 4.0 with an auto in it I bought it for the blue XLT...
  7. stsalvage

    dose the 2.9 use the same motor mounts as the 4.0

    I'm looking at a bronco 2 an i really hate the 2.9.I've always had better luck with the 4.0.I know if i use the 4.0 in the bronco I need to use the 8.8 rear end cus the 4.0 Puts out a lot of torq that the 7.5 can't handle as in rear ends.Any one have any other advise on if i do this I did find...
  8. stsalvage

    ford air bag clock spring

    I'm having a rough time trying to find one I bought a column from a junk yard and it was a tilt column from a 1997 But the little bastards took the steering wheel and the clock spring before they shipped it Now i'm trying to find one that will work in the 1995--97 ranger and the dealer is not...
  9. stsalvage

    Heater Core need help 1996 extened cab

    they make 2 heater cores for this truck the alum and the copper one which one is better I have old Chevy's and the copper and brass ones seem to hold the heat better and seem to last a Lot longer need to know if the alum would do or fair any better then the copper and brass one you can email me...
  10. stsalvage

    IN need of a 8.8 1991 ranger Rear end yoke

    I need a new one cus the pinion seal wore a grove in mine where do i find them where do i look for one and dose the after market racing one diffrent then the stock one you can contact me at this is a 1991 ford ranger super cab 4.0 2 wheel drive with the 8.8 rear end NOT the...