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  1. Heater control knob color change

    No sorry i wasn't very clear. I'm trying to change the color that the indicator glows when the lights are on. They have small semitransparent inserts inside them. Ford made them in blue and green but I would like to change them to orange because that's what the rest of the dash lights are going...
  2. Heater control knob color change

    Anyone know how if there's a company out there that makes different color heater control knobs? I'm changing the color of all my dash lights and the only thing i can't find is different color knobs. Tried looking on google but didn't have any luck.
  3. Bolt in 4 link kit

    I've seen other companies do the same thing for mustangs, i know it might look sketchy but it does hold up. I've never heard of the company before though and the price to me come across on the low side. Not complaining, if i can save some money that's awesome but i don't want to buy junk.
  4. Bolt in 4 link kit

    Any guys out there running this 4 link kit from chris alston? If not what are you guys using? Building a 5.0 truck and i want to improve the suspension as good as i can without blowing my budget. This...
  5. Opinions wanted

    Thanks for the input everyone, it's helped me decide to go back to my original plan. I'll grab up an ho motor and send it to my machinist to be freshed up. Probably going to go with a trickflow top end kit also. Ran the street burner top end on my mustang and i know it works great.
  6. Opinions wanted

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum and infact fairly new to rangers also. I've been a mustang owner for 5 years and am no stranger to ford engines big and small. I have however never owned a turbo car and that's where I would like to hear from you all! I'm starting my first ranger build and the...