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  1. 88_Eddie

    8.8 Lockright

    bought this 5+ years ago from another member on here, installed it in an open carrier and then never did anything else with it. has a brand new spring and pin kit. this is for a 31 spline 8.8 $175 shipped to the lower 48
  2. 88_Eddie

    My AR Build

    I was at a local gun store a few weeks ago and started looking at all the AR stuff. Then last weekend I went to a gun show and started looking some more. Everything seems to be back down where it was before the "panic". so then a few days later, my wife told me that i wasnt allowed to buy any...
  3. 88_Eddie

    Smoking 4.0 on startup & acceleration

    VEHICLE: 2000 Explorer 2wd auto - about to hit 198,000 ENGINE: 4.0L SOHC i've noticed on start up and acceleration that I'm getting some smoke out of the tailpipe. driving down the road, no smoke at all. but if i stop at a light, when i press the gas to move again, i sometimes get a puff of...
  4. 88_Eddie

    MIL/MIL Scopes

    i know, i know, this is a truck forum. there seem to be more than a few people that shoot, so hopefully someone can help me figure this out. i was going to ask this question on the shooting forum i post on occasionally, but it would be like me asking if 8.8 explorer axleshafts swap directly...
  5. 88_Eddie

    Antivirus Protection

    the wife and i just bought a new laptop, well we bought it about 3 months ago. it came with a 90 day norton subscription, but that is about to end. i was wondering what good free software was out there. i just dont see the need to pay for norton when there's something out there that's free...
  6. 88_Eddie

    I bought a new gun!!! yaaaaaaay

    my b-day was last week and i had been wanting a shotgun for a little while. it just so happened i got part of my tax refund as well. i did a little research, it was between a remington 870 and a mossberg 500. they're basically the same gun, but the mossberg has a longer barrel and holds more...
  7. 88_Eddie

    Anyone made there diff cover?

    anyone?? i recently purchased a welder and i've been tossing around the idea of building my own diff cover. i was thinking i'd get a local company to laser or cnc plasma cut the outer ring that will bolt to the axle and then cutting up 1/4" plate for the actual cover. i have a rough idea of...
  8. 88_Eddie

    I got a welder......FINALLY

    i was at lowes yesterday getting some spray paint for the old battle axe and naturally, i decided to get a welder too. i cant build a skyscraper with it, but it should fit my needs just fine. it'll do steel and aluminum (once i get a spool gun and some argon). i can do up to 1/4" with...
  9. 88_Eddie

    How do I know if my D35 has ABS?

    I wanna get a locker for my D35 from another member on here, but I dont know if I have ABS brakes or not. the D35 pig I plan on running didnt come with d35 beams i have. any other way to tell? thanks
  10. 88_Eddie

    War Eagle.....2011 National Champs

    I'm an Auburn alum and Auburn just won the national championship capping a perfect season at 14-0. Any Bama fans on the site can die a fiery death. That is all. WAR EAGLE
  11. 88_Eddie

    T-case shift linkage questions

    I'm in the middle of swapping a manual t-case for my POS non-working electric t-case. (both bw1350's) The easy part is done, got the t-case bolted up behind the tranny. everything is hooked up, except the driveshaft and shift linkage. I cant get the shift linkage to line up right. i have a...
  12. 88_Eddie

    1350E to 1350M parts interchangability

    If any of you have seen my build thread (link in my sig), I just swapped a 1350E for a 1350M. I was gonna just scrap it yesterday, but then I thought that some of the parts may fit my manual case. After seeing another thread where someone cracked the outside of their t-case, I thought I...
  13. 88_Eddie

    Lincoln Locking the D35 ?'s

    Need some info on welding my D35 spider gears instead of getting a locker. Here's the deal, money is low, I wanna lock my 8.8 and D35 eventually, but I dont have the $$$ now. I'm planning on running my stock 7.5 with 3.73's and a L/S until I get my 8.8 built and installed. (4.56's, lockright...
  14. 88_Eddie

    Need a 1350M shift linkage pic

    i swapping my 1350E out for 1350M soon and I need to know how the linkage hooks up to the t-case. i've never had a manual so i dont know what the heck it should look like. thanks
  15. 88_Eddie

    how do I know if I have a L/S?

    i bought an 8.8 from another TRS'er a couple days ago and i was wondering how i could tell if i have a L/S or not. the 8.8 is from an 91-94 explorer with 3.27''s some pics THANKS
  16. 88_Eddie

    could this work.......

    think you could turn a D35 into a solid axle? it would have to be cheaper than putting a EB D44, or a full-width or narrowing a full-width in order to be a good idea. i dont know how much it costs to do any of those, but i've been thinking about this a while you'd need a welder, new axle...
  17. 88_Eddie

    Pic of t-case shifter needed......

    just got a manual t-case for my b2, can someone post a pic of where the hole for the shifter needs to be? i have a fm146 tranny if that makes a difference, thanks :headbang:
  18. 88_Eddie

    What Axle code is this???

    Ok, so i've got an 8.8 rear lined up, but i cant figure out what's in the pumpkin. i looked at the tech library charts: and the code is not on the chart. anyone know what's in there? it's coming out of a '99 explorer sport 2wd. i wanna...
  19. 88_Eddie

    I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    woohoo, i finally got a real job. well since FEB of 09, i been running my own construction company and applying to REAL jobs when and where i could. i started rebuilding the engine in my b2 last year and i would go into the autozone right around the corner from my house. once i went in and...
  20. 88_Eddie

    What's happening here???

    On my 2000 explorer, the lights come on automatically when the car thinks it's dark. So, at night, sometimes when i go to the bank or when i go to a parking garage at a mall or something. my radio flickers like you see in the video. i dont think it is a fuse, they seemed to be ok. i still...