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  1. snoranger

    4.6 2v swap in a 97 ranger

    We get it bro, you like Chevy engines, but a Chevy engine isn’t always the answer... Well, it seems to always be your answer.
  2. snoranger

    Cybertruck Reveal

    I pretty sure I’m real... maybe you don’t exist.
  3. snoranger

    Cybertruck Reveal

    That reminds me of a saying at work... “Brought to you by the lowest bidder.”
  4. snoranger

    Eco plastic?

    It’s more environmentally friendly... when it’s day comes to rot in a field.
  5. snoranger

    Eco plastic?

    That sounds like one of Dirtmans random tidbits of information he likes to throw in every once in a while.
  6. snoranger

    Eco plastic?

    I almost 100% agree with that statement... my only objection is that mocha frosting has coffee in it.
  7. snoranger

    Snake oil

    Do they still make Prolong? I really liked the infomercial where they drained the oil out of a dozen or so cars (I remember a Viper, Volvo, Dodge minivan, and some other shit.) and drove them around a race track in the desert.
  8. snoranger

    Cybertruck Reveal

    Falling is basically flying... with less control.
  9. snoranger

    value of white vans plummeting?????

    He’s in the passenger seat asking “Does this rag smell like chloroform?”
  10. snoranger

    value of white vans plummeting?????

    That’s why I drive a red one...
  11. snoranger

    1978 Ford F150 Ranger XLT Classic Truck

    I figure this is good place to put this...
  12. snoranger

    1952 Ford 8N worth restoring?

    I got a tire machine that will do them.
  13. snoranger

    Post 60/40 coversion seat covers?

    Yeah... there gone. If not they’d be in my truck.
  14. snoranger

    4.0 Running Very Rich

    There’s a 3 or 4 digit code on a sticker on the computer you may need.
  15. snoranger

    Automtive technology you miss.

    PJ... you know there’s a ban on mom jokes.
  16. snoranger

    1952 Ford 8N worth restoring?

    Swap a 2.9L in it.
  17. snoranger


    We’re trying to expand TRS and take over the entire internet.
  18. snoranger

    Automtive technology you miss.

    I know it was at least to 83... My moms ‘83 Escort had the horn on the blinker stalk.
  19. snoranger

    is the 2.9 to 4.0 swap worth it

    We’ve only got 1 OM926... I don’t have to deal with them much. Dt466s, I deal with them everyday... what’s the issue?
  20. snoranger

    Possibly have a newer motor?

    Your interior should be even cleaner with all the times you’ve been forced to clean it.