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  1. Nez'sRanger

    First Gen Ranger Transmissions This page lists all the manual tranny's used on the rangers by engine and year range. Do you have a 2.9? If so, there's a lot of options, and you'd be best going with a Mazda m5od... They have a...
  2. Nez'sRanger

    Eco plastic?

    Cool... I think... We'll have to see how long it can last. Only problem with coffee grounds is that they rot.
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    Issues... Issues... Issues

    Haha! Yeah, he sounds crazy, but I like his "taking it off and washing it" idea... I guess that would mean drilling out my busted studs and putting new bolts in... Have you guys any experience with a magnaflow cat? I was tossing that idea around, but is it actually any better than stock?
  4. Nez'sRanger

    Possibly have a newer motor?

    Regardless of what size it is, that is a beautiful, clean engine bay... I got clean engine envy now...
  5. Nez'sRanger

    Issues... Issues... Issues

    I'm gonna go with something in the wiring harness, just because it never showed symptoms of a tfi problem, and because it only started misbehaving after I lifted the engine. I don't have the will power to take apart my old harness anytime soon, but I have it in a bag in my closet. Someday I'll...
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    New Member, with Cool Old Ride...

    Ouch! I know the pain! I'm gonna be betting on a bad wire in your harness... Specifically the spout connector's wire. If you have a multimeter, you can check continuity between connectors on the harness. You may find an open... or a closed circuit. I just changed all the wiring in my engine bay...
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    Volvo EPAS Conversion

    For sure, but, I'm personally interested in eliminating another accessory pulley from the engine, as well as the ability to have power steering with engine off (especially nice during stalling and engine malfunction). Only an electric pump can give those benefits. I'm hoping it can free up a...
  8. Nez'sRanger

    Volvo EPAS Conversion

    I hope some of our guys can solve the CAN BUS mystery... Nobody on the web seems to be able to plug a multimeter into their working s40 and see what signal the CAN is altering to adjust pump power. It would be pretty darn sweet to be able to have a knob on the dash to make it more or less...
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    Issues... Issues... Issues

    Yeah... The tps worked it's way unplugged during my test drive. It's good now! Haha!
  10. Nez'sRanger

    Issues... Issues... Issues

    Yep! It's running nice. Idling like a champ! The check engine light came on. Gotta get the flash codes. Even when it had serious problems, it never threw a code, so maybe that wiring is fixed now too! Haha!
  11. Nez'sRanger

    1986 Ranger runs rough cold

    I think the ECU gets the rpm from the tfi module via the hall effect sensor inside the distributor. I could be wrong...
  12. Nez'sRanger

    Issues... Issues... Issues

    Ok, got my new harness in today. While I had it ripped apart, I remote mounted my tfi with a nice heatsink from an Aerostar. As far as I can tell, problem solved!
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    Speedo drive gear?

    Where can you even buy the different vss gears?
  14. Nez'sRanger

    Catch Can - weird (but good) results

    The catch can comes with a small cone filter/breather. It's an option that lets the now oil free air into the atmosphere and not into the vacuum line on the plenum. I think we run into emissions problems if it vents directly into the air... Well, at least I do in California.
  15. Nez'sRanger

    1986 Ranger runs rough cold

    I don't think so. The whole point of it is to conduct heat off the tfi module and onto the distributor. I'm not sure if anything else can transfer the heat properly, and there's a chance it could overheat. Do you have an AutoZone nearby? That's the only place I could find it.
  16. Nez'sRanger

    1983-92 Third Brake Light Upgrade

    Thanks! Yes, I saw the nice little gap it had. I fixed it with gasket maker. Hasn't leaked yet! Then again... It's socal, so it also only rained once since my mod... it's calling for a big storm tomorrow, so I'll see how well it worked!
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    Issues... Issues... Issues

    Well, not only is this my daily driver, it's also my baby. I gotta fix it up good so I can actually get to put various mods on it.
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    Issues... Issues... Issues

    I went to the local salvage yard and got a whole wiring harness from another 89. I am currently taking all original shielding off, and double checking it and rewrapping it. I found a few problems... the relay connector wires were bare, up to an inch from the connector itself. I'm sure that...
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    Erratic idle and wont rev up very well at all

    I just found that on a junkyard harness I picked up, only this one had bare wires on the relay connectors (all three of them) and on one of the main plugs on the engine (the one that plugs into the tfi module). That one was actually hidden by the factory electrical tape. With the problems...
  20. Nez'sRanger

    1986 Ranger runs rough cold

    Heat sink grease. Don't use the dielectric grease.