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  1. Nez'sRanger

    Issues... Issues... Issues

    Despite all my efforts, my truck is still not running well. Here, I want to list all that I did to my truck that resulted in the problem, and then go over all I did to troubleshoot. Hopefully with yinz's help, I'll be able to figure this out! My truck was running well for the longest time, but...
  2. Nez'sRanger

    Electric fan options well suited to 2.9's

    I've been scrolling through some old posts on here, and I'm really close to putting an electric fan in my truck. The tech article with the Volvo fan appeals to me, cause I really like the Volvo relay and it's two speed capability. But! I don't like how much surface area is taken up by shroud...
  3. Nez'sRanger

    Wiring harnesses

    I'm currently working on replacing all the under hood wiring harnesses on my 89 2.9 ranger. I'm looking for the harnesses that go on the engine, and plug into all the sensors. Does anyone have part numbers for any of the engine harnesses? My ultimate goal is to replace them all, NOS. I know...
  4. Nez'sRanger

    Instrument cluster corroded circuitry

    I had my 1989 gauge cluster out a while back to convert it to led's... While it was out, I discovered that the copper circuitry on the plastic was seriously eroded/corroded on the back. I have several indicator lights that are fried because of this... Does anybody know how to fix that other...
  5. Nez'sRanger

    Engine surges and stalls at cold idle

    On my 1989 2.9 Ranger, I lifted the engine and changed the oil pump and oil pan gasket. It ran beautifully before I did that, but when I lowered it back down and reassembled it, she wouldn't run right. I finally got the timing right, but it was a fiasco, since it didn't want to stay running...
  6. Nez'sRanger

    TPS sensor wire order

    I unwired the tps plug to put a new plug on, however, I forgot the order that the three wires go. Would anyone be willing to check theirs out and let me know what order the wires go? I checked, and the evtm has nothing on this. Thank you!
  7. Nez'sRanger

    Oil pump recommendations

    Hey guys! I'm about to change the oil pan gasket in my truck, and I figured, might as well replace the 30 year old (and probably caked up with crap) oil pump. I caught a few quick mentions of guys using higher volume/pressure pumps in a 2.9, but I haven't been able to find them again to double...
  8. Nez'sRanger

    Tachometer showing wrong RPM

    My 89 2.9 has this strange problem with the tachometer. When I first start it, usually when cold, the tach will give me a reading nearly 2,000 higher than it really is. It usually normalizes later on, but it's pretty annoying. Any idea what's up?
  9. Nez'sRanger

    Warning Chime Repair

    If you don't hate the warning chime, and are sad that yours no longer gives you the warning that you're about to lock your keys in the car or leave the lights on overnight (again), then this article from the explorer forum may help you out! I took my chime off and found out that mine has the...
  10. Nez'sRanger

    ABS diagnostics 89

    Anyone know off the top of their head where the diagnostic wire is for the abs system on an 89 ranger? The service manual says it's a black/orange wire that I need to ground out to get the flashback codes. I can't find this wire for the life of me. Thanks guys!
  11. Nez'sRanger

    Adding turn signal sound

    I upgraded my turn signals to LEDs and bought the electronic flashers to handle them. Unfortunately, the electronic flashers are 100% silent. I really miss my turn signal sound (I even had the super loud flashers on before the swap!). Does anybody know how to add an artificial sound back into my...
  12. Nez'sRanger

    1983-92 Third Brake Light Upgrade

    Original Poster: Nez'sRanger Difficulty: 2 out of 10 Time to install: 40 mins to 1 Hr Disclaimer: The Ranger, The Ranger Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to...
  13. Nez'sRanger

    2.9 Transmission options

    I've been pondering future mods for my 2.9, which is currently paired with a FM146. I know the M5OD is better, but are there other manual transmissions out there that will bolt on to a 2.9? I know, I'm probably dreaming, and the 2.9 probably wouldn't have enough torque for it anyway, but how...
  14. Nez'sRanger

    Tripminder Question

    Okay, this is a dumb question, but does anyone know how to set the clock/calendar on a tripminder from a mid 80's Crown Victoria? I installed one in my 89 Ranger, and can't figure it out... I would also like to know how to reset the digital tripometer... Thanks! Granted, it's not receiving the...
  15. Nez'sRanger

    2008 Ford Escape power steering issues

    Hey guys, my dad's 08 escape had a torque sensor malfunction in the steering column... Were working on fixing that, but I was wondering how hard it would be to put a standard hydraulic power steering system in. From what I've read and experienced, the EPAS system in these escapes are notorious...
  16. Nez'sRanger

    Air Charge Temperature Sensor

    I have a 89 2.9 Ranger, and the air charge temp sensor is on the plenum. I noticed on a 92 2.3 that they put it in the air cleaner box. I've heard it said that this gives the EEC a more accurate temperature calculation. Were I to relocate it on my 2.9, would my EEC be able to properly adapt to...
  17. Nez'sRanger

    Low power in 4th gear

    I have an 89 Ranger with a 2.9 and a FM146 tranny (4x4). I noticed that it has plenty of torque/power in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but when I put it in 4th, it feels like the power gets sucked out... The engine even sounds different, almost like it's bogged down. 5th gear is also fine. In fact, when...
  18. Nez'sRanger

    2.9 and 4.0 Interchangeability

    Over the past couple months reading as much as I can on my 2.9 Ranger, I came across a few posts that mentioned parts that are interchangable on 2.9's and 4.0's like the starters and clutches. I know the 4.0 is in the same family as the 2.9, so my question is, how similar are the two? Are the...
  19. Nez'sRanger

    More efficient alternator/power usage

    I have an 89 2.9 ranger. I notice that the alternator struggles to handle both my headlights and my heater on full blast. I intend to convert to full LEDs to reduce power use (and cause they're brighter and cooler). I would like to know if there are any higher efficiency/newer alternators that I...
  20. Nez'sRanger

    Hazards stop working when brakes are applied (92 Ranger)

    Hey all! At work I drive a 92 regular cab XLT 2.3L ranger. When I turn my hazards on and then apply my brakes, the hazards stop flashing until I release the brake. I checked on my personal Ranger (an 89 super cab, 2.9L), and it's hazards work great even with the brake applied. Anybody else...