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  1. snoranger

    Trailer brake controller

  2. snoranger

    WTF is this sh!t Ford?

    A 2-in-1 fuse?? Really Ford? You can't find enough room in a f250 to have separate fuses for each circuit? You really need to change fuses every 2 years!?!? I have to stock 7 different types of fuses for just the Fords in our fleet... you suck. Rant over. In case anyone owns/works on a new...
  3. snoranger

    Southern Coach Ranger on CL. NJ

    I dont know the seller, just came across it and figured I'd show the pics here. It's not everyday you see a first gen stepside. Interior looks stock. Nothing special here... just a 2.9l.
  4. snoranger

    What else you got?

    We're all here because of our Rangers or RBVs, but let's see what else you have. Post up your other fun projects... cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, etc. Here's my 2012 Yamaha Grizzly 550 and 2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-spec. Here's the SxS on its first day out: Here's my '79 F350...
  5. snoranger

    Smittybilt overlander XL roof top tent

    I picked up a smittybilt roof top tent 2 weeks ago. I finally got a frame and some time to mount it. I havent had it out camping, but I set it up in the yard to test it out. So far it seems like a decent tent for the price. I've never owned one before to compare it too, but I can't see how some...
  6. snoranger

    (NJ) ISO - '01+ Front Bumper

    I need a front bumper for my '02 Ranger... So pretty much anything '01 and up will work. Anybody in or around NJ got one for me?
  7. snoranger

    I may have just bought my last Ford

    As I sit here and type this I'm looking out the window at my Ford collection. I currently have: 2002 Ranger, 2wd reg cab, 4cyl 5spd. 1994 Mustang Cobra 1979 F350 Supercab (I have an interesting story on this one, I'll share it at the end of this rant.) 2018 Escape (It's my wifes.) Whats missing...
  8. snoranger

    My new 2015 f150

    I just picked up a 2015 F150 Larait FX4, 5.0L, 4x4 heated/cooled leather, navigation, etc...
  9. snoranger

    RC10 Re-release

    Who else preordered one?
  10. snoranger

    '88 BII w/ Cummins 4bt in PA

    Title says it all:
  11. snoranger

    Ranger bed trailer

    The time has come to put my Ranger out of her misery. She's seen 190K since 1990, when my uncle bought her. I beat the tar out of it for the past 120K and she took it like a champ. So I decided to give her a new life as a trailer. How it looked as of friday: (Ignore the ugly red cap, thats...
  12. snoranger

    Pics of the inside of a torque converter

    This isnt from a RBV, but I just had to post it. I pulled a trans on one of the forklifts at work the other day. Pulled the trans apart to rebuild and sent the converter out to be rebuilt. I got a call and they said it was non-rebuildable. (This was a somewhat working trans, it drove into...
  13. snoranger

    4bt swap -- 95 Explorer

    The time has come for another engine swap in my '95 4 door 4x4. The previous swap (SOHC/EEC-IV) isnt having problems, but the gas mileage is poor (15 MPG average over the past year). Here's the patient (95 4 door 4x4): And its soon to be replaced heart ('01 SOHC): So, you may be saying...