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  1. pjtoledo

    Jeep video, WWII film, water proofing

    can I have some more of that asbestos stuff?
  2. pjtoledo

    Hydraulics or transmission

    try down shifting to 1st before you come to a full stop. I typically down shift somewhere between 15 and 10 mph.
  3. pjtoledo

    Reductive Design... from Ford CEO

    bring wife
  4. pjtoledo

    Reductive Design... from Ford CEO

    in the meantime,,, I'm perfectly content with my 2005 XL that has absolutely no fancy gizmos on it. it's my preferred vehicle of choice for puttin' around. on my occasional trips to northern Michigan I turn the radio off and listen to the Duratec hum for hours. just me, "Junior", and a dark...
  5. pjtoledo

    what does a cement block weigh?

    it depends on how many you have. the first one is the lightest, then they get progressively heavier.
  6. pjtoledo

    Genius winter driving hack for truck owners

    not if they are frozen in my experience bags of play sand aren't waterproof and will absorb some moisture, thus freezing solid. I use 6 or 7 50lb bags.
  7. pjtoledo

    31 spline FX4 Level 2 replacement question

    I think that is per, T expensive
  8. pjtoledo

    Rear Antilock Brake Light and Cruise Control?

    the ring is bathed in gear lube as it rotates. I would not expect it to be contaminated. in the new-problem-after-work situation I would look for a dislodged wire or connector near wherever you had your hands/tools under the truck.
  9. pjtoledo


    gave it a ride home on a flatbed after a crank but won't fire situation. the main reason for not starting is 362,500 miles and real bad oil consumption. at an attempted start up after about 2 seconds of running rough it stalled, then only sort of tried to fire on 1 cylinder when cranking. gave...
  10. pjtoledo

    31 spline FX4 Level 2 replacement question

    OK. putting F880069 & F880070 into Jegs comes back with Yukon 21910 & 21909. (add 807- for the Jegs #. ) they list at $237.25 maybe searching the alternate numbers can cough up a better price someplace.
  11. pjtoledo

    31 spline FX4 Level 2 replacement question

    USA Standard Gear USA21910 for the left side, not sure what the right side is, try 21909 1541H $185.79 on Rockauto,,it's listed under 8" axle for 2002 application, but does say FX4 it doesn't seem to appear on the USA Standard Gear website, at least not where I looked. their part numbers go...
  12. pjtoledo

    Cybertruck Reveal

    it's not the fall that kills you, rather it's the sudden stop at the bottom.
  13. pjtoledo

    value of white vans plummeting?????

    according to Facebook :icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl: there seems to be an issue about white vans. specifically they are apparently the vehicle of choice for abducting women.. HONEST,,I just read it on the AOL "stupid Headlines" (my term, not theirs) it's so serious that the...
  14. pjtoledo

    Pinion nut torque and flange play

    now would be a good time for some marking compound
  15. pjtoledo

    2000 3.0 crank sensor bolts size

    too small, that's only 14/64" (7/32)
  16. pjtoledo

    Lucky guy....

    I doubt any trains will be there any time soon.
  17. pjtoledo


    Soo,,Florida??? I think ya got your direction on I-75 mixed up.
  18. pjtoledo

    New member from pa

    you're in the rust belt, take a small hammer and tap the frame looking for soft spots and holes. pay particular attention to the rear, and where the front & back halves are spliced together. also the bottom of the radiator support where it attaches to the frame.
  19. pjtoledo

    2.3l in racecar

    the Mazda guys use this engine too. you might try some of their forums for more info.
  20. pjtoledo

    2.3l in racecar

    the standard factory ECOBoost 2.3 puts out 270 hp and 310 ftlbs. that should give you an idea of what's possible. both cams are variable, the computer works wonders on these engines. they have great torque down low.