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  1. Grateful Dead headliner

    I have an extended cab so I just reclined the seats all the way back. Might have to pull out the seats if you have a standard
  2. Grateful Dead headliner

    Yeah, you gotta pull the whole thing out to reupholster it. The right way at least.
  3. Grateful Dead headliner

    We had it done in about an hour or so. The hardest part is getting the trim, visors, and oh shit handle out and back in.
  4. Grateful Dead headliner

    Took out my ripped up sagging headliner and replaced it with this grateful Dead tapestry
  5. Want to clear up space in engine bay

    Makes sense... I just don't have any experience with modifying my truck. Only repair work.
  6. Want to clear up space in engine bay

    Any suggestions on where to start?
  7. Want to clear up space in engine bay

    I've been putting in a lot of work on my 96 Ranger XLT (3.0) recently and I've noticed how cluttered the engine bay is. My buddy has an S10 and the engine bay is virtually empty, that's how I'd like mine to be. What kind of parts/wires can I remove that aren't necessary for the truck to run...
  8. Rough country lift kit help

    Have a 4in rough country lift kit for my 96 ranger XLT but have no instructions for it and can't find any videos for it. The guy I bought the truck from put the back in but didn't do the front. If anybody could help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  9. tips on removing M50D transmission from 96 Ranger 4x4 v6, top bolts.

    Literally in the process of dropping my transmission. We've had a hell of a time getting those bolts out. We finally got them out yesterday. What we did was use liquid wrench, and a mix of 50/50 ATF/Acetone to soak the bolts for an hour or so. Then we used a 1000 f/p impact with extensions and...