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  1. Calypso Ranger

    Soft Brakes After Axle Shaft Replacement

    I Have a 1992 Ranger with the 8.8 (rear drum brakes) and had a bent axle shaft. I put two brand new ones in and everything went smoothly but after I buttoned everything up and took it around the block, my brakes were VERY soft. The only thing I touched on the brakes was obviously the drum had to...
  2. Calypso Ranger

    Are these RPMs Correct?

    1992 Ranger with 2.9l 4wd with 5speed manual. It’s got an 8.8 with 3.55 gear in it. It’s on 31 inch tires. On the highway at about 65/70mph I run about 3000 RPM in 5th gear. Is this right? Seems high to me.
  3. Calypso Ranger

    Help Replacing Rear window on 92’

    I have a 92 ranger single cab with a sliding rear window. it has the two sliders. busted a piece of glass now i need to have the whole thing replaced... that’s fine but no one has the slider, only a single piece of glass. All glass places seem to say it will fit but some are worried i will need...
  4. Calypso Ranger

    Bent axle shaft

    My trucks rear passenger axle shaft is bent slightly. I know it’s not the wheel, it has to be the axle shaft. I have a 1992 2.9 v6 with the 8.8 open diff. I’m having trouble with finding the axle-shaft I need. As well as what and how much fluid I need. If anyone has some knowledge about this...
  5. Calypso Ranger

    PLEASE HELP! Rear drumlocking

    I have a 1992 4wd. i just out on a new rotor, caliper and pass on the front passenger due an issue with it seizing up. seemed to fix that problem. i bled the system best i could and the brakes are little spongier and with very little braking, i can get the rear driver side wheel to lock up. i...
  6. Calypso Ranger

    First Truck Ranger

    New on the site and new to the Ranger community. I’m from Springfield Mo. I bought my first truck and It’s a 1992 Ranger 4x4 long bed reg cab 5 speed. It’s calypso green which I have yet to see on any trucks in person. Don’t have a lot of information on that color but. I’ve done some minor stuff...
  7. Calypso Ranger

    Manual Locking hubs not engaging 4x4

    I have a 1992 2.9 v6 4x4. It came with auto hubs and push button 4wd but the owner before me swapped to manual hubs. I can’t get mug 4wd to engage. i get out and lock hubs then push 4wd and i hear something click and make some noise. Then i’ll back up and drive forward a little. It says it’s on...