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  1. What transmission ?

    So I have a 84 bronco ii with a 2.8 and a 4-speed ! Do I have a tk4 transmission ? I’m in need of a shift really bad old one broke and now I’m stuck in reverse !
  2. Duraspark/HEI swap help

    So I put a new/rebuilt distributor from the parts store in and wired in an h.e.i. module . The motor cranks but won’t start and I’m not sure what wire runs power to the coil. I have a purple wire going a few yellow wires connect to the coil plug in and a green wire to the coil plug in. Any help...
  3. Newbie with a 84 bronco ii

    Been looking on here for awhile lots of good info. Trying to get 84 bronco ii with a 2.8 going before it gets too cold here in Nebraska!